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These are our special classes and webinars given by top experts in every field who have been personally vetted by founder Lesley Jane Seymour. Each 60-minute event is packed with master-class-level information (we won’t waste your time with things you already know). You will learn everything from how to maximize the impact of your LinkedIn page to how you can spot post-COVID mental health warning signs for your family and kids. But we also have fun: you will learn how to dress for (Zoom) success when you work-from-home or how to make herbal beauty products from herbs in your garden.


Each Zoom call lets you ask questions live and leaves you with a worksheet or download that will help you move forward.  Meet like-minded members who want to work on these same tasks and grow together.


Says one member: “It’s so invaluable to gain a think partner, someone you can develop ideas with. Who knows, maybe a business can come from it or a friendship.”


These virtual meetups are recorded over Zoom so that if you miss an event, you can listen to the recording — whenever it is convenient for you. Check out our Events page to see our ever-evolving list of events. When you become a Nest with Covey member, you can sign up for free. As a member, you get access to our growing library of over 140 classes.

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August 15th 7:00 pm (EDT)

Covey Book Club Event

Don’t miss our CoveyClub BookClub Event! Book to be Discussed: Late Migrations by Margaret Renkl. According to Ann Patchett, author of Commonwealth, in her review on Amazon, “Beautifully written, masterfully structured, and brimming with insight into the natural world, Late Migrations can claim its place alongside Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and A Death in the Family. It has the makings of an American classic.” The discussion will be facilitated by Harriet Riley. Though you need to be a member of CoveyClub to join the book club and discussion, you can join CoveyClub today and we will register you for the CoveyClub BookClub Event.

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September 1st 6:00 pm (EDT)

Make Your Legacy Clear: Living a Life That Matters

What is your legacy? What do you want people to remember about you? These are the questions that have subsumed Merle Saferstein for her career. She was the director of educational outreach at the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center for 26 years. She has helped hundreds of survivors pass down their legacy. Now, she trains hospice staff on how to help patients leave their intended legacies. This workshop will help you determine what kind of legacy you want to leave and how you want your loved ones to remember you.

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September 7th 2:00 pm (EDT)

Crush Your Cravings So You Can Finally Eat Healthy This Year

Are you at the whim of cravings? Does the thought of giving up your mid-afternoon snack or your sweet treat after dinner seem unimaginable to you? Does that one Kryptonite food stand between you and all of your health goals? If so, you are not alone. Cravings are the bane of existence to dieters and health enthusiasts alike. In this interactive talk, Jill Cruz, MS, CNS, will show you that you can be free of cravings without using tons of willpower or being miserable. Jill will introduce you to the three different types of cravings and how to deal with each of them without suffering. If you follow this systematic process you can be the one in control, not the other way around.

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September 8th 6:00 pm (EDT)

Find the Right Small Business for Your Lifestyle

While starting a business isn't easy, it's even more challenging to build a successful business that meets your personal needs. Pam Narowski, Day One's Chief Experience Officer, has a decade of experience in curriculum design, product management, and venture building and will walk us through Day One's framework for founder-fit. We will look at how opportunity, business and employee/cofounder fit should come together to create the business of your dreams.

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September 14th 2:00 pm (EDT)

Should Your Workplace Support Your Menopause? The Coming Revolution

Menopause is no joke and going through it day in and day out is exhausting. It’s time employers start understanding that. Ann Garnier is the founder and CEO of Lisa Health a company that focuses on midlife women’s health and menopause. Garnier will discuss the coming revolution in the workplace which will force corporations to acknowledge the stresses and disruptions caused by menopause the same way they recognize them for pregnancy. Bring your thoughts and questions.

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September 15th 6:00 pm (EDT)

ReSet You: 3 Core Drivers to Your Success

We all go through life at times hitting road blocks, encountering challenges we are not sure we can overcome. Rebecca Contreras, an extraordinary reinventor who is now President & CEO of AvantGarde LLC (AG), a consulting firm and author of the new memoir, LostGirl, will help you Re-Set Yourself in three core areas: mind, body, emotion. She will offer essential strategies for starting over on your career path.

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September 21st 2:00 pm (EDT)

It Pays To Be Yourself: Reframing Your “Flaws” Into Gifts

How many times have you been told you’re “too emotional”? Female leaders often get accused of being “bossy” or “sensitive,” despite the fact that their male coworkers are often praised for the exact same behaviors. These labels can create waves of self-doubt and force them to conform to someone else’s expectations. But the truth is, these aren’t flaws. They’re gifts. Being yourself is the best way to be a leader. In this session, Kelli Thompson, author of Closing the Confidence Gap, and coaching expert will help you identify your gifts, re-frame your so-called “flaws”, and offer different approaches to a myriad of situations.

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September 29th 6:00 pm (EDT)

Cocktails & Conversation: New Members Coffee & Conversation

Are you new to Covey within the last year? The last month? Come join us once a month as we introduce ourselves to each other and get to know where you're from, your interests, your goals, and what you hope to get out of CoveyClub. People curious about CoveyClub should stop by as well. Current Covey members are encouraged to stop by to say hello too.

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