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Learn something new that will point you in a new direction.

These are our special classes and webinars given by top experts in every field who have been personally vetted by founder Lesley Jane Seymour. Each 60-minute event is packed with master-class-level information (we won’t waste your time with things you already know). You will learn everything from how to maximize the impact of your LinkedIn page to how you can spot post-COVID mental health warning signs for your family and kids. But we also have fun: you will learn how to dress for (Zoom) success when you work-from-home or how to make herbal beauty products from herbs in your garden.


Each Zoom call lets you ask questions live and leaves you with a worksheet or download that will help you move forward.  Meet like-minded members who want to work on these same tasks and grow together.


Says one member: “It’s so invaluable to gain a think partner, someone you can develop ideas with. Who knows, maybe a business can come from it or a friendship.”


These virtual meetups are recorded over Zoom so that if you miss an event, you can listen to the recording — whenever it is convenient for you. Check out our Events page to see our ever-evolving list of events. When you become a Nest with Covey member, you can sign up for free. As a member, you get access to our growing library of over 140 classes.

The Covey Library of Classes

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May 25th 2:00 pm (EDT)

What If Your Thoughts Were the Source of Your Anxiety?

If you've practiced meditation for any length of time, you've probably been introduced to the concept that you are not your thoughts. Which is a fine enough thing to say, but how do you actually get past thoughts that cause anger, sadness, and frustration? Happiness expert Silvia Peterson introduces us to a method called The Work, that helps us question our thought process. And through that questioning, we'll see how the thoughts can lose their power over us.

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May 26th 6:00 pm (EDT)

The Goddess of Go-Getting

We deeply believe that very life experience is a valuable part of what you can offer in the worklace. Your decision to start a family, or take a break, or make a career change doesn't have to affect your prospects -- they can be celebrated as something unique and powerful. Rita Kakati-Shah learned how to reframe this the hard way, after a four-year gap in her resume seemed to completely negate all the success she'd earned in finance and healthcare previously. Now, she'll teach you the skills you need to have unshakeable confidence, and build leadership and resilience in yourself.

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May 30th 9:00 am (EDT)

Sunrise coaching

Positive Mornings Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions with Covey Coaches Wendy Perrotti & Dana Hilmer

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June 1st 2:00 pm (EDT)

How to Marshal Positive Female Power—And Avoid the Mean Girls

As women we're renowned for our power to create societal change and fight for justice. But history shows that as passionate as we are fighting for collective change, we are less likely to come together in groups to support each other’s individual goals and dreams, because of cultural, linguistic and psychological barriers. In order for us to reverse entrenched behaviors and norms that hold us back, we must also identify and overcome the roadblocks we put in front of each other first. Caroline Adams Miller, a leading expert on goals and grit, shows you the most important traits to look for in women who will uplift, rather than deflate you.

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June 2nd 6:00 pm (EDT)

How to Thrive in the Midst of a Career Transition: Planned or Unplanned

This session will kick-start your process of mentally preparing to move on. You need the right mindset to be successful and tell your story in a powerful, authentic way. Robin Merle will share her practical advice, insights, and research as the author of the award-winning book, "Involuntary Exit, A Woman's Guide to Thriving After Being Fired." You'll come away inspired by the journeys of high-powered women who had been let go or left at the top of their game and rose to be successful on their own terms.

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June 8th 2:00 pm (EDT)

How Gendered Ageism Impacts Women’s Careers and Financial Security

There's sexism. There's ageism. And then when you put the two together, there's gendered ageism--a toxic brew that can impact your career and damage your financial security. Almost every woman over the age of 40 has experienced at least one of these "isms"--if not both. Author of "Not Done Yet", Bonnie Marcus works with companies to build awareness around gendered ageism and provides the tools to include this in DEI initiatives. In our 60 minutes together we will answer the following questions: What are some signs of gendered ageism in the workplace? What does Bonnie's research reveal about why women don't take action? What Bonnie's research shows about what companies need to do to address this common modern problem.

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June 9th 6:00 pm (EDT)

Tiny Habits by Lesley Jane Seymour

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June 16th 6:00 pm (EDT)

The Monarch: Telling Your Story Event: Women at the Crossroads: Part II

The second installment of the Covey hit Storytelling Event, The Monarch. Each of us has a story to tell. It could be fiction or biography. The key is that it has to be well told. Covey members read their stories aloud on Zoom. While we pay homage to the original story tellers at The Moth, we have dubbed ours "The Monarch" because Covey women are way more beautiful and classy than moths, and have flown great distances in our lives already. We don't hang around and eat holes in your sweaters; we gather in gorgeous groups and fly south in large groups and fill the woods with orange color. Come listen to our story tellers or if you have a piece to pitch, submit it to We will work with you to make sure your presentation rocks and that the distribution of stories works for each event. If we can make this virtual evening work, we hope to present "The Monarch" quarterly.

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June 20th 7:00 pm (EDT)

Covey Book Club Event

Don’t miss our CoveyClub BookClub Event! Book to be Discussed: The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates. According to Rolling Stone in its review on Amazon, “Ta-Nehisi Coates is the most important essayist in a generation and a writer who changed the national political conversation about race with his 2015 memoir, Between the World and Me. So naturally his debut novel comes with slightly unrealistic expectations—and then proceeds to exceed them. The Water Dancer . . . is a work of both staggering imagination and rich historical significance. . . . What’s most powerful is the way Coates enlists his notions of the fantastic, as well as his fluid prose, to probe a wound that never seems to heal. . . . Timeless and instantly canon-worthy.” The discussion will be facilitated by will be facilitated by Linda Thomas Brooks. Though you need to be a member of CoveyClub to join the bookclub and discussion, you can join CoveyClub today and we will register you for the CoveyClub BookClub Event.

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June 22nd 2:00 pm (EDT)

ALIGN: Five Steps To Converting More Consultations Into Clients.

Take the guesswork out of hosting powerful sales conversations that convert. Sales expert Allison Davis leads you through each step of the process and give practical and actionable advice that will help them foster genuine connections with leads, uncover bigger opportunities, and confidently move the process forward. Allison’s engaging, empathetic approach will leave you excited for your next sales call!

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June 30th 6:00 pm (EDT)

Cocktails & Conversation: New Members Coffee & Conversation

Are you new to Covey within the last year? The last month? Come join us once a month as we introduce ourselves to each other and get to know where you're from, your interests, your goals, and what you hope to get out of CoveyClub. Current Covey members are welcome to stop by to say hello too.

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