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These are our special classes and webinars given by top experts in every field who have been personally vetted by founder Lesley Jane Seymour. Each 60-minute event is packed with master-class-level information (we won’t waste your time with things you already know). You will learn everything from how to maximize the impact of your LinkedIn page to how you can spot post-COVID mental health warning signs for your family and kids. But we also have fun: you will learn how to dress for (Zoom) success when you work-from-home or how to make herbal beauty products from herbs in your garden.


Each Zoom call lets you ask questions live and leaves you with a worksheet or download that will help you move forward.  Meet like-minded members who want to work on these same tasks and grow together.


Says one member: “It’s so invaluable to gain a think partner, someone you can develop ideas with. Who knows, maybe a business can come from it or a friendship.”


These virtual meetups are recorded over Zoom so that if you miss an event, you can listen to the recording — whenever it is convenient for you. Check out our Events page to see our ever-evolving list of events. When you become a Nest with Covey member, you can sign up for free. As a member, you get access to our growing library of over 140 classes.

The Covey Library of Classes

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February 1st 2:00 pm (EDT)

The Enneagram & Leadership: What’s Your Type?

Being an effective leader in today’s world requires the ability to connect with and inspire people to achieve great results despite disruption, distance, and different personalities. As you work to improve your leadership effectiveness, research shows that successful leaders are self-aware leaders. It might be tempting to use personality assessments like DISC, MBTI, StrengthsFinder, etc., to invite this self-awareness. However, these assessments miss a key ingredient - the why. The Enneagram is different. It is a map of nine personality types that inform you of why you think, feel and act the way you do. When you know the why behind how you, and your team, respond, communicate and act the way you do, you have the power to change behaviors and results. As a leader, it helps you understand the personalities and motivations on your team, improve communication, and resolve conflict. It boosts your effectiveness and emotional intelligence. As a leader, this self-knowledge is critical to helping you lead at the next level with more confidence. Join women's leadership coach and speaker Kelli Thompson to find your Enneagram number so you can accelerate your development, your confidence and your results!

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Add to Calendar 02/01/2023 2:00 pm America/New_York The Enneagram & Leadership: What’s Your Type?

February 2nd 6:00 pm (EDT)

Cocktails and Conversation: New & Existing Member Meetup

Are you new to Covey within the last year? The last month? Come join us once a month as we introduce ourselves to each other and get to know where you're from, your interests, your goals, and what you hope to get out of CoveyClub. People curious about CoveyClub should stop by as well. Current Covey members are encouraged to stop by to say hello too.

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February 8th 2:00 pm (EDT)

How To Travel Alone As A Woman Today: Tips to Keep You Safe and Happy

The world is finally open again for travel, which means it’s time for a new adventure! Don’t wait to tick places off your ‘bucket list’ just because you don't have a travel buddy who can get to the same place at the same time. You can take a trip on your own with confidence. Kiki Keating, owner of KikiNetwork Travel, will give you all the tips to travel solo in a meaningful, safe way. She’s a lifelong road warrior who frequently travels alone to both remote areas and cosmopolitan cities across the globe. She also leads private, small tours for solo travelers and groups of friends. You won't want to miss this!

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February 9th 6:00 pm (EDT)

The Emotionally Exhausted Woman: Why You’re Feeling Depleted and How to Get What You Really Need

As women, we often play different roles - mother, daughter, grandmother, wife, friend, employee. It's exhausting, not just physically, but emotionally. In this class, therapist and interfaith spiritual teacher Nancy Colier will teach you how to develop powerful skills to help you self-advocate and meet your needs without guilt. She'll share insights from her new book, The Emotionally Exhausted Woman, that take self-care beyond facials and pedicures. You'll learn why you're feeling depleted and how to identify your own needs so you can tap into a deeper sense of nurturing.

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Add to Calendar 02/09/2023 6:00 pm America/New_York The Emotionally Exhausted Woman: Why You’re Feeling Depleted and How to Get What You Really Need

February 15th 2:00 pm (EDT)

Pricing: Do’s and Don’ts for Today’s Marketplace

One of the most difficult issues with being a new entrepreneur is figuring out how you should price your products or services. No matter how much benchmarking you do, it can still put a pit in your stomach. If you under-price, you leave cash on the table. If you over-charge, you may be driving customers away. Or are you? This class will focus on Jane Pollak's wisdom from 5 decades as a business owner and will share anecdotes and advice on bringing your products or services to the marketplace. This will be an interactive forum in which you can explore what terms of sale work best for you.

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