When you sign up for a Coffee & Conversation seminar, we will send you an email or calendar link to the Zoom video platform. On the morning of the event, you have to have your phone, iPad or computer in front of you. It helps to have headphones or earbuds as well: they will enhance your listening experience. Plug them into your device before the event begins.

Five minutes before the event starts, follow the simple instructions and the links in the email CoveyClub sent you and sign in. You can join by voice alone (if you don’t feel like getting out of your bathrobe!) or by video. Make sure to mute your microphone during the event by clicking the microphone icon in the lower lefthand corner; this will make sure the rest of the attendees don’t hear your dog barking or the lawn mower going outside your window (or the fact that you’re working on your resume and multitasking during the event!). During the Q & A session at the end of the seminar, un-mute the microphone by clicking it again in order to ask your question.

If you would like to meet the other members from the event — and some of the experts — ask to join CoveyClub Chat, our private Facebook page where members can continue conversations begun during the seminar. Click here to request access.


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