January 25th 2023 2:00 pm (EDT)

Aging Friends with Needs: Setting Boundaries and Dealing with Guilt. A Discussion

Many of us are givers and like to help others in our circle of friends. We offer advice, share secrets, share resources and experts; we counsel each other's kids. But as we age, some friends have needs that become deeper. Many of those needs are in the health or mental health area. Some of these issues reach way beyond the scope (and physical ability) of friendship. How do you set boundaries? What do you say no to? What is appropriate and what is not? How do we each plan for future support and independence that keeps our friendships strong without transgressing. Lesley Jane Seymour, Founder of CoveyClub, and Kathy Koenig, M.S, and Certified Caregiver Consultant, Educator, and Certified Grief Coach, will lead a group discussion of the issue. Please bring your ideas/experiences of how you've dealt with these types of issues. We will share solutions.

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