January 19th 2023 6:00 pm (EDT)

How Redefining Success at Mid-Life Leads to a Reimagined Second Half of Life

We’ve gone through all the predetermined mile markers set before us, checked all the boxes, and now society tells us we have only one mile marker left to pass - retirement. Or do we? We are living in an age that has begun to redefine retirement along with how and when we work. What does this mean for us at midlife and how can we reimagine the second half of our life in a way that matches who we are today? And what about those pressing questions that arise at this stage of our life: Who am I really? What do I want? Is there more out there for me? Wrestling with these questions is natural, especially in this post-pandemic world. Having the answers is not. Traci Schubert Barrett, entrepreneur, podcast host, and author of the new book What If There's More: Finding Significance Beyond Success, will give us a framework to redefine success on our own terms, decide what we want from the second half of life, and challenge us to embrace a life that is significant to ourselves and those around us.

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Our Guest Speaker

Traci Schubert Barrett

Traci Schubert Barrett was one of the founding team members of national cable television network HGTV. After thirty years of experience in corporate America, Traci began to wonder, what if there’s more to our vocational lives than success? In a leap of faith, she quit her executive job and went on a soul-searching journey. Today, Traci is an entrepreneur, podcast host, speaker, author and executive coach who helps others in their search for meaning beyond success. Her new book, WHAT IF THERE'S MORE? FINDING SIGNIFICANCE BEYOND SUCCESS shares the details of her soul-searching journey that led her to where she is today and equips readers to do the same. Traci lives with her husband and two daughters in Nashville, Tennessee.