January 18th 2023 2:00 pm (EDT)

How to Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and Get More Time Back

One of the first lessons you learn when starting a new business is to hire an admin who can take care of the day to day tasks so you can figure out revenue streams and high-level issues. And with the right assistant, you can hand over time-consuming tasks, maintain your high standards, and finally focus on the aspects of your work that you love to do. But how do you begin the overwhelming process of delegating the work — and where do you even go to find a well-trained, capable VA? In this class with Kristy Yoder, founder and CEO of Smart VAs, you'll learn her personal approach to delegating work, as well as the who, what, and where of hiring your own virtual assistant.

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Our Guest Speaker

Kristy Yoder

"Kristy Yoder is a Filipina based in Ohio. She is the Founder and CEO of Smart VAs and the host of The Master Delegator Podcast, where she teaches entrepreneurs and leaders to grow their businesses by delegating.
As a multi-skilled leader, she humbly worked her way from being a freelance virtual assistant and digital marketer to becoming an entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping stressed and overwhelmed business owners get their time, freedom, and life back while running a successful business.
She built and trained a team based in the Philippines to help business owners scale their businesses while living a freedom-filled lifestyle. Kristy leads more than 70+ team members and has served more than 200 businesses in the US together with her team since 2020. Kristy grew her business from $0 to now close to 7-figure revenue and desires to help business owners achieve their business goals."