January 11th 2023 2:00 pm (EDT)

How to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile and Get the Attention You Want in 2023

With all the crazy things going on with social media, the one steady, reliable place to put your best business foot forward is still LinkedIn. But the question is, how do you maximize the impact of the words you put on that first page? What should you put in your profile header? What should you say or not say in your job descriptions? And most of all, how do you outsmart that darn LinkedIn algorithm? In this class with Gillian Williams, founder of Monday Talent, you'll learn how to supercharge your LinkedIn profile, the best language to expand your reach, and the rules of engagement on the LinkedIn platform.

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Our Guest Speaker

Gillian Williams

"Gillian Williams is a Partner and Founder of Monday Talent, a recruitment firm with a deep commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, that specializes in finding talent within the marketing, communications & creative arenas. Coming from a creative/editorial background herself, Gillian brings her in-depth understanding of these industries to the search process.
With over seven years of recruitment experience and an inherent understanding of people, Gillian has become a trusted thought leader in the talent acquisition space. Her expertise and insights have been featured in several iconic publications including Forbes, Marie Claire, Business Insider, BuzzFeed & Well + Good.
Raised in a multi-racial family in the heart of New York City, Gillian is a fierce social activist who sits on the Board of Directors of Ardea Arts and can often be found rallying for change."