October 12th 2020

How I Did It: Solving a Niche Problem in the Beauty Business That Became a Big Business

Sometimes you don't have to have a big idea, you just have to have the right one. Amanda McIntosh, founder of Take My Face Off, dug deep into a tool for removing makeup. And a business was born.

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Amanda McIntosh

Amanda McIntosh

Amanda McIntosh is the founder and CEO of Take My Face Off, a Los Angeles-based company that creates totally genius skin cleansers that replace wipes and cotton balls.

McIntosh became interested in beauty after searching for soft washcloths for her own skincare routine. Noticing that there were only slabs made of thick terrycloth, microfiber, or bamboo available, she wondered why no one had bothered to reinvent the clumsy staple.

McIntosh had spent most of her life as a classical musician. After years spent performing with orchestras around the US and Europe, she took a job with her mother’s business process consulting firm. Eventually, she returned to performance and had her lightbulb moment late one night while driving home from a concert.

“I remembered that my shower curtain was covered in this row of ugly, damp washcloths that were taking forever to dry. I hated them, but I didn’t know what else to use for my oil cleansing routine. I realized there was a huge opportunity to create something that was more of a tool, that was attractive, and that was really gentle on skin.”

As she spent more time researching the beauty industry, McIntosh was dismayed to learn of the environmental costs of facial wipes and cheap cotton balls. Her idea of upgrading washcloths turned into something bigger. She realized that if she created something truly superior, she might be able to convince consumers to abandon their single-use disposables.

With functionality in mind, she worked to create designs that would appeal to mass market and prestige makeup fans. This led to a series of patent-pending inventions that are elegant and innovative. The colors and packaging are aimed for the mass market and prestige beauty consumer, but the material choices and supply chain are engineered to an amazing “green” standard.

“People don’t think that something made of blue polyester can be environmentally friendly, but we’ve been testing materials and running numbers for years now. Based on textile industry evaluation methods, our luxury Korean fabric is far more ‘green’ than any natural fabric we’ve tested because it lasts at least eight times longer. If we’re going to make massive change for our planet, we have to reach massive numbers of people. We’re doing that by offering something that works better, saves money, and is a lot more fun than a dingy old face wipe.”

To date, Take My Face Off has collaborated with the Sephora Collection, Neiman Marcus, Aerie, and other industry-leading organizations. She lives in Los Angeles with her musician husband and two young children. She occasionally performs with orchestras such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, but she really enjoys working on new product ideas and planning her move into men’s grooming and children’s bath products.



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Sometimes you don't have to have a big idea, you just have to have the right one. Amanda McIntosh of Take My Face Off dug deep into a tool for removing makeup. And a business was born. We will discuss the following:

• When should I take advice and when should strike out and be original?
• How do I choose a supplier?
• How do I choose a social media expert (or blogger, or other content creators)?
• Where should I spend if resources are limited?
• How do I set my prices (and what to cut if your cost of goods is too high?
• How do I go to market?
• How does an entrepreneur focus when there's so much to do all the time?

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