December 1st 2022 6:00 pm (EDT)

Storytelling Is Your Superpower: Be More Memorable in All That You Do

Wherever you are in your reinvention, your story is an integral part of your professional image. From posting on social media to speaking onstage, your personal story helps your audience connect with you, your message, and your values. In this class, brand strategist Laura Fravel helps you uncover your values, define your narrative, and tell your story - even if you feel like you don’t have one. You’ll learn where to find the stories in your life, why they are important to your audience, and how to tell them in a way that appeals, both personally and professionally.

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Our Guest Speaker

Laura Fravel

Laura Fravel is a brand strategist and coach who helps leaders and entrepreneurs find their unique value, define their story, and know how to broadcast that to the world… to be seen, profitable, and impactful.