Reading: Why Financing Women is the New Feminism


Why Financing Women is the New Feminism

Karen Cahn explains how the path to women's equality begins with our wallets

By Lesley Jane Seymour

Karen Cahn

We think it’s become increasingly clear this year that for women, money is power–and financial equality is everything. That means getting paid the same wages as a guy who holds the same job. It means finding a way to monetize motherhood so that we are not giving away all of those important “services” for free. It means funding women’s entrepreneurial ventures above the current pathetic 2% figure. Join CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour in an honest CoveyCast podcast talk with Karen Cahn, former Google girl and founder of, a rockin’ crowd-funding site just for women, about the secret advantage older women have with crowd-funding (yes, you!), how we are going to finally close the funding gap, and how to know if your reinvention idea is ready for primetime.

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