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Nest with Covey

What’s included:

  • Covey Pods Network with 7 members we hand-pick for you who share your interests, goals
  • 3 Weekly Classes Master your LinkedIn, revamp your personal brand or dig into your reinvention with classes taught by master’s-level experts
  • CoveyClub Library: exclusive access to 140+ recorded courses
  • CoveyConnect App Join the daily conversation in this private app
  • CoveyClub Book Club Explore current writers with smart women who are dying to hear your opinion (meet authors, too!)
  • Writer’s Room Get that book or article written with support from members in the CoveyConnect app. New York Times bestselling author Laura Munson hosts and offers journaling prompts
  • Caregivers Collective Find support, resources, and answers for your caregiving struggles from women dealing with the same issues. Kathy Koenig, who creates educational programs for caregivers, hosts the room inside the CoveyConnect app!
  • CoveyCurator team Test and evaluate new services and products 
  • Priority Trip Booking: Cement your new friendships with in-person meet-ups and travel.*  Watch for details about our Escape with Covey trip to Civana Resort and Spa in Arizona in November 2021. Members will pay 15% less than non-members for this trip 
  • Priority Entry: Covey Masterminds, Circles, and Think-tanks Dive deep, get one-on-one coaching, and see movement with our fabulous coaches and teachers

  • Positive Mornings sessions run by Covey’s Reinvention coaches, Wendy Perrotti and Dana Hilmer. In just one hour, from 9 AM -10 AM EST, they ask the right questions and offer the right tools to defeat negative thoughts and anxiety and get you moving in the right direction.

    Purchase sessions à la carte at $14.99/each or become a Nest with Covey member, and buy all 50 for $250, nearly $500 off. (If you miss a session or can’t attend, access the library of recordings in the CoveyConnect app.)

    *Extra fees may apply for events and travel

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