Bring Joy Back Into Your Life: Living Fully with Chronic Illness


Join us live on Wednesday, November 15 at 2pm ET

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Navigating your healthcare rights in the workplace can be challenging: it might feel like a mountain of paperwork or endless phone calls. Perhaps you’re struggling with a difficult boss or dealing with the overwhelm of balancing work while taking care of yourself. In this class with Human Resources expert Julie Hamilton you’ll learn what laws and policies are available to you, who you should notify about your illness, how to talk to a difficult boss, and more. You’ll receive her expert guidance on how to find help in managing chronic illness for you or a loved one and leave with a solid plan to move forward.

Our Guest Speaker: Julie Hamilton

Julie Hamilton has over 20 years of Human Resource Management experience and has been a Certified Fibromyalgia Coach for over 7 years. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2009.
As a Human Resources Director, she knew the resources to use such as Family Medical Leave Act and workplace accommodations to help her with the tasks she was struggling with. She didn’t need to worry about her job when she needed to take time off for flare days or medical appointments. She went from missing two to four days per month to missing two days or less a year. Then after relocating to Ohio, her chronic illness made it impossible for her to work. That is when she studied to become a Certified Fibromyalgia Coach and learned to manage her fibromyalgia. She has gone from being in bed 90% of her life to walking three miles a day and even participated in her first 10k. She now helps professionals who have fibromyalgia maintain their career and regain their active social life. Her goal is to help companies create an inclusive environment for the chronically ill and assisting them in implementing policies to benefit both the employee and the company. She understands what it takes to make it work and can educate the company and the employee on how this collaboration can work.

Join us live on Wednesday, November 15 at 2pm ET

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