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Are you wondering where your energy went?

Where your sense of optimism and possibility flew off to?

“Thank you for creating CoveyClub. I learned a lot from others and found Annie, my health coach, thru CC. I encourage you to continue this offering to midlife women in need of networking, support, inspiration, and connection.”

— Michelle Gill


CoveyClub was created by the award-winning former editor-in-chief of More and Marie Claire magazines, Lesley Jane Seymour, who had to navigate these lonely, scary waters by herself when More shut down.

Founder Lesley Jane Seymour is a media entrepreneur and one of the industry’s most respected leaders. In 2017, she created CoveyClub from a 54-page survey completed by 627 former More Magazine readers. From 2008-2016, she served as editor-in-chief of More Magazine, the leading lifestyle magazine for women over 40, with a readership of 1.5 million. She was also the editor-in-chief of YM, Redbook, and Maire Claire. She has won dozens of journalism awards, made publishing history when sitting First Lady Michelle Obama guest edited an issue of More, and in 2024 received the SeeHer Award from the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) for her lifelong fight for gender equality.

“CoveyClub provides a place for women to truly share both personally and professionally, and never feel like you can’t be your whole self. I’ve made new friends, gotten great advice that has helped me move forward with my business, and even gotten referrals. So very glad CoveyClub provides a platform for women to celebrate, learn, grow and be supported in meaningful ways.”

— Mim Senft, co-founder, MotivityCare

Benefits of Membership

Get Instant Access to:

✔️ Weekly Classes Master your LinkedIn, revamp your personal brand or dig into your reinvention with classes taught by experts.

✔️ Covey Academy Start learning today with our 400 pre-recorded classes

✔️ Covey Challenges & PODs Work as teams on your goals

✔️ CoveyClub Book Club Explore current writers with smart women who are dying to hear your opinion (meet authors, too!).

✔️ Speed Networking Make connections that last a lifetime

✔️ CoveyConnect Our private Facebook community

✔️ Special Monthly Workshops EFT/Tapping Circle and Financially Fierce Group

✔️ Nest Hours Accountability hours over Zoom to get sh*t done

✔️ Take 10; Trivia Night; The Monarch Storytelling nights These are signature events that members get for free. Make new friends and business connections.

See How Much You Can Save!

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✔️ CoveyLIVE! Save 10% on our in-person conferences for networking and connection

✔️ Travel with CoveySpecial discounts for members on curated international trips

✔️ Masterclasses – Save 10%! Dive deep, workshop your work, and see movement in yourself with weeks-long courses

✔️ Escape with Covey – Save 10% on our coveted 3-day retreats

✔️ Bring a Friend to Covey Get a $100 voucher when a friend joins the club

Members are Saying

“I love the value I’ve received from CoveyClub over the years. Each week I learn something new that supports my reinvention.”

– Lori Bickel

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“If you’ve been wondering if it’s possible to make new connections after ‘a certain age,’ I’m here to tell you that it is. If you’d like to find out more about being a part of this welcoming, supportive group of smart, engaging women–and learn new things while doing so–get in touch with us! You won’t be disappointed!”

– Christine Krahling, writer and editor


Is your group for business or friendship?

CoveyClub is about both business AND friendship. Once you've arrived in your profession, you may find that you've made all the friends you can inside your sector. CoveyClub gives you a chance to meet equally accomplished women outside of your usual group. It expands your friendship and business group. CoveyClub recognizes that personal friendships may need to expand at this time as well. Lots of friends are made while starting a family and rearing kids and they may no longer be relevant when your children are older. We find that many CoveyClub members do business with each other while also sharing vacations and dog breeders.

What is the onboarding process once I've joined?

Once you join CoveyClub we send you a series of welcome emails which we need you to open. Each one walks you through how to take advantage of the different virtual parts of Covey. For example, we show you how to access the library of 360+ pre-recorded classes so you can start your journey today. We also show you how to join the CoveyConnect app and start asking questions of your fellow members. We also host monthly Newcomer classes which you will find listed on the site and in the Letter from Lesley. We also offer a New Chic/Cool Chic orientation program where a current member will get to know you first and answer questions. If you send us your address, we also have a special gift from Lesley we'd like to send you. You will get a calendar link to automatically add all the CoveyClub events to your calendar.

Some of your classes happen at times I'm at work. Can I sign up and get a recording?

Yes. We record each class and send you a link to the recording if you sign up for it. We also place every class recording into the CoveyConnect app for members to listen to at their leisure. We have a library of over 360 recorded classes with world-famous experts that you can explore for free as a Nest with Covey member.

The women in CoveyClub seem accomplished and intimidating. What if I'm not as successful?

We've heard that before. The magic about CoveyClub is that transition is the great leveler. No matter how accomplished you are, no matter how high you've risen in your field, in order to properly transition to your next stage in life, you'll have to become open and vulnerable. We call it adopting a "newbie's mindset." That is what pulls these fabulous women together. That's what makes CoveyClub special.

I've taken a time out from work for a few years and am ready for reentry. Is CoveyClub for me?

Yes. We have plenty of women in CoveyClub who have taken a break from work for all kinds of reasons — from raising kids to a health issue to moving with a spouse. CoveyClub offers classes and support for reentry.

I've just taken on a big new job. Will I have time for CoveyClub?

The truth is, you will need to invest some time getting to know CoveyClub. But you can do that on weekends and in the evenings. In fact, the CoveyClub can be your secret weapon — a private sounding board, understanding therapist, or cheerleading squad — for anyone taking a bold step. These women have got your back and will help you through those days when you don't even know how to find the bathroom.

I've just experienced a huge crisis in my life. Is CoveyClub for me?

Again, a crisis is when CoveyClub shines. We are here for you when you reach big. In fact, this is the moment when we can supply feedback, sanity, professional input, and advice. While you may find your initial instinct is to retreat in the face of something life-changing, we encourage you to lean into the support we supply. For example, one member's husband suddenly died and she thought she would withdraw to deal with the overwhelm. Speaking with other women who had been through the same event helped her get through instead.

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