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Giving Up Control to Find Your Reinvention


4 minute read

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Personal Branding 101 with Joanne Tombrakos


3 minute read

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Why Every Day Is a Chance to Reinvent with Gina Bianchini


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“I was a long-time fan of More mag and am so excited to discover Covey! I've spent three hours reading, watching, and absorbing the site, and I'm thrilled to say that it's even more compelling than the mag."

A.D. 2018

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September 18th

Dana Hilmer Wendy Perrotti

Life Reimagined: What’s Next for You? It’s Never Too Late

Life Coaches Wendy Perrotti and Dana Hilmer are here to help you get started on your reinvention and what's holding us back on getting started today.

September 18 2019 8:00pm (EDT)

Add to Calendar 09/18/2019 8:00 pm America/New_York Life Reimagined: What’s Next for You? It’s Never Too Late https://zoom.us/j/716179463 Online/Zoom Network

October 2nd

Sanyin Siang

Ditch the Comparison Trap

You’re probably doing better than you think. But you can’t see that now.

October 2 2019 8:00pm (EDT)

Add to Calendar 10/02/2019 8:00 pm America/New_York Ditch the Comparison Trap https://zoom.us/j/146418536 Online/Zoom Network

November 10th


CoveyClub and Civana Retreat 2019

Escape with CoveyClub on our next retreat! Email retreats@coveyclub.com to book now!

November 8 2019 12:00am (EDT)
Civana Spa & Resort 37220 Mule Train Rd, Carefree, AZ 85377

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Add to Calendar 11/08/2019 12:00 am America/New_York CoveyClub and Civana Retreat 2019 https://zoom.us/j/146418536 Civana Spa & Resort 37220 Mule Train Rd, Carefree, AZ 85377
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"I’m convinced Lesley Jane Seymour founded CoveyClub just for me. At a time of transition, not knowing which way to go in my career and with health issues seeming to throw boulders in my path at every turn, I attended the Covey event at Bandier. Jennifer Bandier so struck a chord [that she] inspired me to launch Amy Hope Designs. I’m inspired and challenged every day in ways I couldn’t imagine and it’s Lesley Jane Seymour and CoveyClub that I have to thank. LJS you know how women connect & you understand we need that feeling of connection. Undying gratitude.

Amy Eller

Reinvent Yourself

We’re living longer and healthier -- which means at some point we’re going to ask ourselves, “Now what?” Lesley Jane Seymour interviews inspirational leaders of all industries to get reinvention tips and strategies that apply to real life. What they're saying about the Reinvent Yourself: " love the new Reinvent Yourself. There's such an interesting range of speakers and inspiring stories that I'm always eagerly awaiting the next episode!"

Reinvent Yourself

April 29 2019

#50: When She Couldn’t Find Great Career Advice, She Invented It Herself (Kathryn Minshew)

Kathryn Minshew wanted to work for the CIA. But she ended up in Rwanda working on the HPV vaccine, then consulting for McKinsey & Company. Then she got involved with tech and discovered there were no online sites with actionable tips for managing your career. That’s when The Muse, a site that now attracts 75 million users, was born. Join CoveyClub founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, in discussion with Kathryn Minshew who discovered that helping others reinvent,  helped her reinvent herself. “Everyone has to reinvent themselves today,” Kathryn says, noting that some of the highest engagement on the site comes from “intergenerational job searches.” She also points out, that if women 40+ are often dismissed as serious entrepreneurs, women in their 30s have the same fight. “When I started the company, I’d be in a room with three women and 100 men. I was treated as a flirting target, not a founder.”

39:05 Minutes


"This show and the community CoveyClub, have quickly become my new favorites. Lesley Jane Seymour hosts phenomenal guests with experience and insight on reinventing lives. Every show has immediately actionable information and advice for others looking to reinvent their lives. Highly recommended!"

J.B. 2018

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A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR, Lesley Jane Seymour

Hi! I'm the former editor in chief of More, Marie Claire, Redbook and YM magazines. After More closed in 2016, 627 of you asked me to create something new for women like us—still learning, still making waves, still wanting to look great. You took a 54 question survey and I created a roadmap from your wishes.

In 2018, CoveyClub was born as an online/off-line platform with original content written by the best journalists in the world, a podcast called "Reinvent Yourself", events (both live and virtual), an app (CoveyConnect), and Lesley's List (Give and Get networking). We have been growing month over month and welcome each and every one of you into our upbeat, positive, inquisitive world.

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