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Are you an executive seeking your next step, a budding entrepreneur, or something in between? Our podcast, Reinvent Yourself with Lesley Jane Seymour, former editor-in-chief of More Magazine, has the inspiration and practical steps you need!


Need to reach both your personal and professional goals while working from home? Covey's got you covered with expert-driven webinars that keep you connected and motivated. Our 5-star live events are not to be missed!

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What makes CoveyClub different? Members say it's the "personal touch" that founder Lesley Jane Seymour brings to the club. Covey is your instant community of warm, welcoming, accomplished girlfriends who are navigating the challenges of midlife together. Come for the business or leadership advice; stay for the self-discovery, friendship, and laughs.

Join our Positive Mornings coaching sessions, the Covey Book Club, a reinvention mastermind, or a deep-dive entrepreneurial workshop. Be your honest self. This community will give you the confidence to try something else, be something else, and succeed.

So connect with us to grow alongside executives, entrepreneurs, world-class authors, teachers, chefs, pilots, branders, mothers, sisters, and partners, all of us seeking what's next.

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We all know that if you live long enough, you'll hit a speed bump that requires you to recalibrate. The bump could be a health crisis, job loss or downsizing, a pending empty nest, sudden weight gain, or unexpected elder care. Lesley Jane Seymour has interviewed over 100 women just like you, who have navigated it all and can share their secrets for flourishing, on her podcast called "Reinventing Yourself with Lesley Jane Seymour".

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Covey pulls out all the stops to ensure you have uniquely supportive learning experiences while you're seeking new connections and fun. In our weekly virtual classes, founder Lesley Jane Seymour dives deep into her personal contact list to bring in the best and brightest experts to help you grow and thrive. She creates imaginative, 5-star live events that make it easy for you to seal those new connections.

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Are you waking up at 3 AM and can't fall back to sleep? Want to try the best new anti-aging beauty products? How do you turbo-charge your personal brand? We've got best-in-class journalists digging into these topics and dozens more to get the nuanced answers. For those of you mourning the loss of More Magazine, we offer the same intelligent approach, and equally beautiful writing.

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"I'm so grateful to CoveyClub for all of the great connections that I've made! Lesley recommended an executive producer/media trainer during one of Covey's "Positive Mornings" sessions and I was able to connect with her on LinkedIn. Not only did this producer take the time to talk with me by phone but she was so approachable that it felt like I was talking to a friend. She was also receptive to me pitching my podcast to her for one of her (major!) clients as a potential guest. (And guess what--she said YES!)"

Christine Krahling, Podcast Host and Producer

"During your recent interview with Dr. Cecilia Dintino and Hannah Murray Starobin, I had a giant "A-ha" moment when one of the ladies said, "If there's no road map, there are no limitations." Wow!
I left a toxic job as a VP of sales and marketing in early 2019. I've spent the last year grappling with what's next and feeling overly anchored to my past experience (marketing) as the only path forward. You, Cecilia, and Hannah reminded me to step off the path and look for opportunities elsewhere. At 56, I've got wisdom and experience, plus energy and curiosity -- so why am I limiting myself?
Thank you for your continued inspiration about reinvention. You're terrific!"

Kate B.

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for offering the "So Now What" workshop with Laura through Covey this past Saturday. I saw her speak at the Mass Conference for Women several years ago and was so intrigued and have been following her since. This was a wonderful chance to explore under Laura's tutelage and I look forward to joining more of her workshops."

Sarah Dent, Assistant Director of the Dana Fund at The Dana Hall School

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January 19th

Ancestry Research and Building Your Legacy Project: One Writer’s Discovery

When writer and journalist, Ann Banks, finally dug into the pile of wills and hand-drawn genealogical charts left by her family, she discovered that her Alabama family had been slaveholders. What she set off to do next changed her life — and the life of one woman descended from a slave her father's family owned. Ann explains how and why she decided to dig into the project — even when it was painful — and why she created the site She offers tips on research and building this kind of legacy project.

January 19 2021 2:00pm (EDT)

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