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Covey Club is an online/offline club for lifelong learners who want to continue connecting, reinventing and impacting the world. Come into the Covey (which means a small group of birds) to learn how to ask for funding for your reinvention, how to boost your personal brand, or fabulous anti-aging beauty tricks. Come into the Covey to build long-lasting friendships for this new phase of your life. Come into the Covey for virtual salons and GIVE and GET networking that will introduce you to new business contacts and friends.

CoveyClub was born after More magazine shuttered in February 2016 and 627 of you reached out over my personal social media and asked me to create something special for you. "Make sure the content is relevant, intelligent, provocative, and unusual–where your unique voice is present," suggested one of you. "I want evening events that will continue to help me connect with interesting women," said another.

Well, I listened. The Covey digital magazine offers provocative, thoughtful, meaningful articles and essays on a monthly basis. The Coffee & Conversation salons let you join a live conversation with experts and women around the country on topics you care about. The CoveyCast podcast gives you practical tips and tricks for your next reinvention from women just like you who've done it. And Lesley's List engages you in high-powered GIVE and GET networking and friending.

So come into the Covey, learn, laugh your butt off, and enjoy this new phase of your life.

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flower in desert

5 Tips for Dealing with Divorce Anxiety

It's not what happened to you, it's how you think about what happened

5 minute read

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6 Ways to Get Lucky (According to Science)

You may not want to leave that promotion up to chance

4 minute read

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rainbow flag

When Diversity Is Your Life, Your Art, and Your Business

Sharron Levine teaches corporations how to think like the customers they sell to

6 minute read

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“I was a long-time fan of More mag and am so excited to discover Covey! I've spent three hours reading, watching, and absorbing the site, and I'm thrilled to say that it's even more compelling than the mag."

A.D. 2018

Calendar 2018 -2019

CoveyClub offers many virtual and IRL (in real life) ways for connecting to interesting, involved, inspirational women. Check out our Coffee & Conversations and Lesley's List.

September 12th

How to Be Funny at Work and Add Humor to Presentations

Why is it harder for women to be funny at work? Our experts will answer this and more in this Coffee & Conversation.

September 12 2018 8:00pm (EDT)

Add to Calendar 09/12/2018 8:00 pm America/New_York How to Be Funny at Work and Add Humor to Presentations https://zoom.us/j/158599415

September 20th


Reinvent Your Look

Join CoveyClub and Giorgio Armani Cosmetics for a wonderful night of learning how to reinvent your look and connecting with amazing members of CoveyClub.

September 20 2018 6:00pm (EDT)
1000 Third Avenue 59th Street and Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022

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Add to Calendar 09/20/2018 6:00 pm America/New_York Reinvent Your Look https://zoom.us/j/158599415 1000 Third Avenue 59th Street and Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022

October 11th

Virginia Gilbert and Elise Pettus

Thriving Through Divorce

How to navigate life after a difficult divorce.

October 11 2018 8:00pm (GMT)

Add to Calendar 10/11/2018 8:00 pm Africa/Abidjan Thriving Through Divorce https://zoom.us/j/633664357 Virtual event through Zoom
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"I’m convinced Lesley Jane Seymour founded CoveyClub just for me. At a time of transition, not knowing which way to go in my career and with health issues seeming to throw boulders in my path at every turn, I attended the Covey event at Bandier. Jennifer Bandier so struck a chord [that she] inspired me to launch Amy Hope Designs. I’m inspired and challenged every day in ways I couldn’t imagine and it’s Lesley Jane Seymour and CoveyClub that I have to thank. LJS you know how women connect & you understand we need that feeling of connection. Undying gratitude.

Amy Eller

Reinvent Yourself

We’re living longer and healthier -- which means at some point we’re going to ask ourselves, “Now what?” Lesley Jane Seymour interviews inspirational leaders of all industries to get reinvention tips and strategies that apply to real life. What they're saying about the Reinvent Yourself: " love the new Reinvent Yourself. There's such an interesting range of speakers and inspiring stories that I'm always eagerly awaiting the next episode!"

August 7 2018

#26: How to open yourself up to reinvention ideas that throw themselves at you (Jana Brown)

One of the keys to reinvention? Being open to ideas that literally happen all the time. Jana Brown talks with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour about a chance encounter during an interview that led to a screenplay and an award-winning film.

31:18 minutes


"This show and the community CoveyClub, have quickly become my new favorites. Lesley Jane Seymour hosts phenomenal guests with experience and insight on reinventing lives. Every show has immediately actionable information and advice for others looking to reinvent their lives. Highly recommended!"

J.B. 2018

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