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Are you a female executive seeking your next step? A budding entrepreneur? Or just feeling restless? Founder Lesley Jane Seymour, former Editor-in-Chief of More magazine, shares her secrets


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Is your corporate career winding down? Are you about to hit empty nest? Covey is your tribe of welcoming, accomplished girlfriends who are navigating the challenges of midlife together. Join for the business connections; stay for the self-discovery and friendship. We can not tell you what your reinvention should be. But we can give you the tools through coaching, workshops, live and virtual events, and our 5-star PODs, to find out. Added bonus: members do tons of business with each other.

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Live long enough and you'll hit a speed bump that requires you to recalibrate. The bump could be a health crisis, job loss or downsizing, a pending empty nest, sudden weight gain, or unexpected elder care. Lesley Jane Seymour, former Editor-in-Chief of More Magazine, Marie Claire, and Redbook, has interviewed hundreds of women who have navigated it all and share their secrets for flourishing on her podcast called "Reinventing Yourself with Lesley Jane Seymour". You can start your reinvention with no experience at all. Just follow the tips and tricks these trailblazers reveal.

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Reinvention is easier with new friends

Old friends are fabulous. But they have expectations for who you are. New friends pry you out of your old silo and fixed mindset. New friends accept you as the new person you show up as today. A covey is a small group of birds and the CoveyClub is the nest where we hold space for you while you explore who you're going to be in your next life. When you join, you gain access to all of our tools: our private stash of 150 classes, our one-on-one PODs, our app where you can share your dreams. Remember that the CoveyClub mantra says: "It ain't over 'till you say it's over!"

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You can regain your confidence

Midlife is not for sissies. But if you've made it this far, we'll show you how to crush the outcome. Learn how to turbo-charge your personal brand, make time for self-care, deal with older children or aging parents. We've got best-in-class journalists digging into these topics for nuanced answers. Those mourning the loss of More Magazine will find the same intelligent approach and beautiful writing from many of the same writers. CoveyClub offers you the confidence to try something else, be something else, and succeed.

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"I have been a member of many networking groups but Covey Club continues to be remarkable. Yes, I have met people who seek to do business with me or refer business to me. And yes, I have met people who share my values and the promise of meaningful relationships. What makes Covey remarkable in my opinion is its member's commitment to growing and life learning. Fostering that learning, they have created a safe space that allows everyone to express themself freely. All the more remarkable in these times of polarization. And all this a wonderful reflection of Lesley, the Founder, who asks hard questions, shares vulnerable answers and wipes her tears along with the rest of us."

Michele Risa, M.A., C.B.C.A. CEO, CollaborativeSolutions.Global

"Thank you for hosting the best job interview discussion and speaker (for mature job seekers), I have had the privilege of attending.

I look forward to participating in many more interesting discussions in the future!"

Ellie Epstein

"I'm so grateful to CoveyClub for all of the great connections that I've made! Lesley recommended an executive producer/media trainer during one of Covey's "Positive Mornings" sessions and I was able to connect with her on LinkedIn shortly after. Not only did this producer take the time to talk with me by phone after we connected online but she was so approachable that it felt like I was talking to a friend. She was also receptive to me pitching my podcast to her for one of her (major!) clients as a potential guest. (And guess what--she said YES!)"

Christine A. Krahling, Podcast Host & Producer: Bloom Where You Are Planted

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December 2nd

Where Did Your Confidence Go? Here’s How to Get it Back

With a little practice and the right tools, turning on your confidence can be as routine as turning on the faucet in your kitchen. Just as Micha Goebig, a coach who helps female professionals in male-dominated spheres create the confidence and visibility to take their career to the next level (and beyond!). It's time to get your mojo back, and Micha can help us all find it.

December 2 2021 6:00pm (EDT)

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