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Lesley's List is the private, roster of smart, rule-breaking, super accomplished women who are committed to women's advancement and to helping others achieve their dreams while achieving their own. Offer your GIVE and ask for a GET; let the connecting begin.

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Reinvent yourself with founder Lesley Jane Seymour

If you live long enough, you will hit a speed bump that requires you to rethink your life. The bump could be a health crisis, a job loss, a company down-sizing, a pending empty nest, unexpected elder care. Lesley Jane Seymour digs out the inspiring stories of real women who have navigated it all and who are willing to share their concrete tips and tricks for flourishing.

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Whether it's a behind-the-scenes peek at one of the world's top diamond showrooms or a retreat at a luxury spa, Covey pulls out all the stops to help members have a unique in-person experience while learning, connecting, and having fun. Our Coffee & Conversation webinars connect you to experts from around the world who share their experience — live.

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Read original reporting and writing by the best journalists in the world

Why are you waking up at 3 AM and what can you really do to fall back to sleep? What are the best new anti-aging beauty products? How should you counter thinning hair? And where the heck did your sex drive go (or why are you going suddenly sex crazy)? We've got the journalists who can dig into these topics and dozens more and get the nuanced answers. No 101 class here. Covey is for master's level learners only.

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One thing that makes CoveyConnect special is the ability to follow topics so that you can always see the conversations that interest you most. You can explore and find the topics you like, as well as post your own take or message another member privately if you’re interested in what they have to say.

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“I was a long-time fan of More mag and am so excited to discover Covey! I've spent three hours reading, watching, and absorbing the site, and I'm thrilled to say that it's even more compelling than the mag."

A.D. 2018

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April 5th

Cleansing Chakras: Finding The Balance Within – A Guided Meditation

Join CoveyClub for a virtual guided meditation from Kelly Rovetto to calm your nerves, get focused and relax from the privacy of your own home.

April 5 2020 8:00pm (EDT)

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