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Welcome to CoveyClub!

We are a community of women 40 and 50+ who are life-long learners and constantly expanding our worlds.

Welcome to CoveyClub

Led by Lesley Jane Seymour, an industry veteran and advocate for women's empowerment, CoveyClub is more than a network, it's a catalyst for personal growth and reinvention.

Reinvent in a safe, no-judgement zone!

we hold a space for you while you figure out what’s next

CoveyClub is your guide to midlife

Are you burned out in your career? Stalled in your love life? A lonely empty nester? We're your flock of girlfriends who are navigating midlife challenges too. How will you reinvent? Our workshops, events, expert articles, PODs, and podcasts will help you figure it out.

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CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour, former editor-in-chief of More, Marie Claire, and Redbook, calls on her personal posse of experts to bring you highly engaging courses. Looking to start your own business? Our classes on branding, marketing, and social media will educate you on every step of the process. Plus: Members get free access to our recording library of over 400 classes!

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Need some inspiration while you figure out what’s next?

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Live long enough and you'll hit a speed bump that requires you to recalibrate. CoveyClub has interviewed 250+ people who have navigated it all and are sharing their secrets to success.

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"Covey is a true gem. It is a warm and nurturing place for women, who are here to support and encourage each other.”

Jennefer Witter, Founder & CEO of The Boreland Group

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A covey is a small flock of birds

Step out of your comfort zone and discover something new with like-minded women who are in midlife too. CoveyClub is the nest — a place you come to rest and reset. When you join, you gain access to all of our tools to help you take flight: 400 member-only classes, 12-week small group PODs, 30-day challenges, and our private online community for deeper connections.

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July 1st

Simplify Your Life in 30 Days

Welcome to CoveyClub’s Simplify Your Life in 30 Days, a challenge dedicated to helping you create simplicity and calm in your life through organization, mindfulness, time management, decluttering, and productivity. This is for you if you’re looking to revamp your life and create more space for what truly matters. We’ll show you how!

July 1 2024 6:00pm (EDT)

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"I truly believe that connecting in communities is essential for our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. I am grateful for the variety of opportunities within this community to meet fabulous women, learn from them, and journey together through shifting times. Covey is an investment in ourselves, and the world is better for it!“

Kathy Koenig, Caregiving Consultant & Educator