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  • Covey Pods Network with 5-7 members we hand-pick for you by interests, goals.
    Value: $1000
    ($250 each X 4)
  • 2 Weekly Classes Master your LinkedIn, revamp your personal brand, or dig into your reinvention with classes taught by the best experts.
    Value: $1,349
    ($14.99 each X 90)
  • CoveyClub Library Exclusive access to 360+ recorded courses by hand-picked experts. Get started today!
    Value: $150
  • CoveyConnect App Join the daily conversation or ask your most embarrassing questions in a specially-curated group that will become your therapist, your professional network, and your sounding board.
    Value: $300
  • CoveyClub Book Club Explore current writers with smart women who are dying to hear your opinion (meet authors, too!)
  • Priority Trip Booking Cement your new friendships with in-person meet-ups and travel.  Watch for details about our Escape with Covey trip to New Orleans in November 2022. Members will pay 10% less than non-members for this trip.
    Value: $130 – $200
  • Priority Entry to Covey Masterminds, Challenges and Think-tanks Dive deep, get one-on-one coaching and see movement in yourself with our fabulous teachers.
  • Cocktails & Conversation; Trivia Night; The Monarch Storytelling nights; making new friends & business connections.
    Value: Priceless

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