Did you join us for these or did you miss out? We had great fun, learned new ideas, made new connections, and deepened our bonds. Hurry to the Events page or Calendar to sign up for the upcoming events you’re interested in.

Escape with Covey: Civana Spa and Resort, November 2019

We welcomed 55 Covey members to the beautiful hills and stunning sunsets of Carefree Arizona in November 2019. It was perfect weather for connecting, relaxing, making new friends, and exploring our plans to reinvent or rethink the second half of our lives. We took a sunrise walk in the desert and learned about the healing plants that live there, then downed a delicious Desert to Table Breakfast, replete with mesquite pancakes and cactus-pear syrup.

After picking up our special Skin Alchemy oils from Jordan Hilton, we assembled to listen to writer Michelle Prince inform us about why we are “Busy Being Busy…But Getting Nothing Done”. After some sunning around the pool, a group of us reassembled to learn how to design a Bullet Journal with Covey founder Lesley Jame Seymour. Some of us taxied into town to have BBQ dinners and dance with cowboys or just to relax and get to know our new friends.

Sunday broke with a call to Celestial Wakening, an early morning sound bath that grounded us with meditation, restorative poses, and aromatherapy. Codex founder and CEO, Barbara Paldus, taught us how to read a beauty ingredient label to avoid irritation, protect ourselves and our families, and Gua Sha demonstration taught us how to incorporate tools into our beauty routine. At the Fireside chat, we shared our reinvention stories and struggles and were blown away by the stunning Arizona sunset. At the closing dinner, we had some fun with Pam from Lipstory.com teaching us how to read our lip prints and turned our chairs over to see who won the big Codex and SilkSlip giveaways. We closed with a delicious dinner on the patio.

Covey BTS (Behind the Scenes): An Evening with Diamonds, May 2019

25 CoveyClubbers descended upon the showroom of William Goldberg Diamonds to connect with each other over smoked salmon and champagne and learn about diamonds. Owner, Eve Goldberg, welcomed us and spoke about what it was like growing up in a diamond family (her legendary father, William, was responsible for big-name gems such as The Queen of Holland diamond, part of a necklace once owned by an Indian maharajah, and the flawless 137-carat Premier Rose). William also created the distinctive, elegant Ashoka cut — an elongated rectangle with rounded corners.

Small groups of women were then ushered to the back of the showroom to watch William Lopez cut the gems.

The real fun began, however, when we were ushered back into the showroom to try on hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from the vault. Cardiologist Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum was sure the heart-shaped yellow diamond was designed for HER, while Terry Alvar was sure this is was the right place to be just before an important birthday.

But that wasn’t enough. Eve admitted that growing up around diamonds meant very few gems wowed her. She asked Hilary Gale to go into the vault and bring out the diamond that “impressed” her. Everyone gasped as a 200 ct diamond was unveiled. CoveyClub Founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, wondered how anyone could safely wear such a gem. Eve noted that anyone who might make such a purchase most likely had personal security already.

Escape with Covey, Civana Spa & Resort, November 2018

With only 6 weeks of prep time, a handful of dedicated Covey adventurers piled into airplanes and met at the newly revamped Civana in Carefree, Arizona. We took early-morning walks and learned about the medicinal and nutritious plants in the desert, made meditative knotted pearl necklaces, did wall yoga, and went into town to dance with cowboys. Everyone had such a great time that all are coming back (even Veronique Marin who flew in from France) for our 2019 retreat from November 8-11. Look for details about booking on our Facebook page.

Reinvent Your Look with Tim Quinn of Giorgio Armani, September 2018

Fifty-five Covey members came to Bloomingdales, NYC to learn how to update their look from Tim Quinn, Celebrity Face Designer for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. With 15% off any purchase and a goody-bag worth over $200, it was a great time for all.

National Portrait Gallery Tour, April 2018

Izetta Mobley, a doctoral candidate in American Studies, gave 12 Covey members and friends a private tour of the museum, focusing on analyzing the Obama portraits which had just been hung. We gathered for dinner afterward.