CoveyClub's Take 10 * CoveyClub

Got a question that’s keeping you up at night?

Wracked by anxiety over a choice you have to make?

Reach out to any Covey member and ask: “Can you Take 10 with me?”

How it works

Set a time for a phone call or Zoom or FaceTime. Bring a timer and a pen.

The organizer gets three minutes to talk about her issue. Then the joiner asks: “Would you like some feedback?” If the organizer says yes, the joiner can take 60 seconds and respond.

Next, the joiner sets her timer and asks a question, outlines a problem, and/or commiserates for three minutes.

The response repeats.

After ten minutes you hang up!

You will be shocked at how uber focused contact can help you move forward… and isn’t that what we’re all here for anyway?