About CoveyClub * CoveyClub

CoveyClub is a meeting place for lifelong learners. (A covey is a small flock of birds.)

CoveyClub was created by Lesley Jane Seymour after More Magazine folded and hundreds of loyal readers approached her on her personal social media channels, asking her to create something new for them. Six-hundred-twenty-seven followers took a 54-question survey that allowed Lesley to create a roadmap to the CoveyClub offerings.

CoveyClub gathers a national and international group of warm, welcoming women who will support you in your business and personal growth. CoveyClub’s expert-led classes and meetups will give you the confidence to try new things, both inside and outside of the club. Whether you are an executive seeking your next step, a budding entrepreneur, or just a girlfriend looking for new buddies, Covey will deliver.  We are a safe place where you can trust people to have your back, and where you can share your innermost feelings. At Covey, you can be as vulnerable as you care to be. 

CoveyClub reinforces its mission of supporting women in search of their dreams by allowing members to share their expertise with everyone, by teaching an hour-long class. We also serve as a launch/sponsorship platform for solopreneurs and small businesses who can use CoveyClub to test new products and ideas in a warm and thoughtful atmosphere. Check out our Covey B2B services here.