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A community of smart, empowered women?
Workshops to make your dream life/career a reality?
Mentorship from industry professionals?

By referring a friend to Covey you’ll receive a $100 gift certificate!

Your gift certificate can be put towards specialty masterclasses, in-person events, Covey swag, and more.


Give the gift of time

Time to learn, to grow, and to connect with like-minded women all over the world who are reinventing themselves through midlife’s inevitable changes.

Give the gift of connection

The women of CoveyClub have been there and have gathered to work on these issues together. Sometimes we think of this process as “reinvention.”

Give the gift of mentorship

CoveyClub was created by the award-winning former editor-in-chief of More and Marie Claire magazines, Lesley Jane Seymour, who had to navigate these lonely, scary waters by herself when More shut down.

Give the gift of growth

CoveyClub’s expert-led classes and meetups will give you the confidence to try new things, both inside and outside of the club. Whether you are an executive seeking your next step, a budding entrepreneur, or just a girlfriend looking for new buddies, Covey will deliver.

New to Covey? Here’s a breakdown of our membership perks!

Weekly Classes

Master your LinkedIn, revamp your personal brand, or dig into your reinvention with classes taught by carefully curated experts.

Covey Academy

Start learning today with our 400 pre-recorded classes

Covey Challenges & PODs

Each year we work together on 3 month-long projects of the club’s choosing. For smaller and more concentrated activities, our 5-star program of pairing 5-7 members by interests, goals. Choose entrepreneurship, accountability, writing, podcasting, career reinvention, eldercare & more.

CoveyConnect Private Facebook Group

Join the daily conversation or ask your most private questions in a specially curated group that will become your therapist, your professional network, and your sounding board.

CoveyClub Book Club

Explore current writers with smart women who are dying to hear your opinion (meet authors, too!).

Speed Networking

A fun way to make new connections that will last a lifetime.

Special Monthly Events

Join the Book Club, EFT/Tapping Circle, and our new Financially Fierce Group!

Cocktails & Conversation; Take 10, Trivia Night; The Monarch Storytelling nights

These are our signature events that members get for free. Each one allows you to make new friends & business connections.

Nest Hours

Accountability hours over Zoom to get sh*t done.

Save 10% on Masterclasses

Dive deep, get one-on-one coaching, and see movement in yourself with our fabulous teachers. We allow members to fill up the first seats when they are limited.

Save BIG on In-Person Covey Events

Join us for our day-long Covey LIVE! networking events, our 3-day luxurious Escape with Covey retreat, or our curated international girls’ trips known as Travel with Covey. Members get special discounts on all events!

CoveyClub Marketplace

Want to boost your business and get your products or services in front of Covey’s audience? Check out Covey’s Marketplace Membership for the full treatment!

Don’t forget, by referring a friend to Covey you’ll receive a $100 gift certificate!

Your gift certificate can be put towards specialty masterclasses, in-person events, Covey swag, and more.*


*Excludes subscriptions