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Join Lesley Jane Seymour as she talks with over 250 amazing women who have reinvented themselves in every way imaginable. These frank, fun, warm conversations unearth the tips and tricks women like you need to restart, reboot, or enhance your career or lifestyle.

Learn how to create your personal brand (Jennefer Witter) or how to handle a millennial boss (Ann Shoket). Get secrets for transforming your body (Susan Hyatt) or finding more happiness inside yourself (Gretchen Rubin) or how to get the play you wrote onto the stage (LeeAnn Marie Webster). Help your business by learning the keys to self promotion in the digital age (Alice Draper) or simply how to reinvent your mindset about aging (Judy Katz). You can even get tips for what to do when you discover your father was a spy (Eva Dillon)!

No matter what kind of change you’re facing, the Reinvent Yourself podcast has it all—and each famous (or not so famous) guest lays out the secret, most private steps they took to cope and succeed.

Are you a reinventor or know someone who is? We’d love to have you tell your story! Just email us at with your name, contact information, social media links and your reinvention story.