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Navigating a health challenge, aging, the empty nest, a job downsizing or loss, a relationship disruption (divorce, widowhood), even the ups and downs of elder care, alone is hard. It's easier when you have a posse of smart, caring, kick-ass women who've been there, done that, on your side.

CoveyConnect is our private home on the Mighty Networks app for Nest with Covey and Rule the Roost members. It's where we share private, intimate discussions about the challenges and joys of life but without worries about a system selling your information. The app is private and secure and takes no ads. There is no scraping of your data or following you to other sites on the web.

Come here to ask questions, find answers, create meetups with intelligent, active, involved women like you. Join CoveyConnect by joining Nest with Covey.

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At CoveyConnect, we take Madeleine Albright’s advice that “there’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women” to heart. Check out our member categories to broaden your network. Poke around and meet members in your current profession or find friends working in the field in which you might want to reinvent.

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One thing that makes CoveyConnect special is the ability to follow topics so that you can see the conversations that interest you most. Post your own take or message another member privately if you’re interested in what they have to say. You can even open up your own room and invite members to join you to discuss a special topic or set up a local chapter. It's up to you!

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"It's been such a pleasure to connect with Covey Club coaches Dana Hilmer and Wendy Perrotti for the Positive Monday program. This series has been exactly what I needed in this time of great challenge and unprecedented change. The topics chosen and the quality of the content and coaching offered is inspiring, relevant, and empowering. Thank you for making this available - it has been a lighthouse in some otherwise very stormy seas."

Trish Walden

"During your recent interview with Dr. Cecilia Dintino and Hannah Murray Starobin, I had a giant 'A-ha' moment when one of the ladies said, 'If there's no road map, there are no limitations.' Wow!

Thank you for your continued inspiration about reinvention. You're terrific!"

Kate B.

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for offering the 'So Now What' workshop with Laura through Covey this past Saturday. I saw her speak at the Mass Conference for Women several years ago and was so intrigued and have been following her since. This was a wonderful chance to explore under Laura's tutelage and I look forward to joining more of her workshops."

Sarah Dent, Assistant Director of the Dana Fund at The Dana Hall School

Women To Inspire and Be Inspired By

Robyn Hatcher

Robyn Hatcher


Professional speaker and coach & train folks to bring their best selves forward by elevating the way they communicate.

New York, New York

Tammy Pennington

Marketer & Artist

Strategic planner, project manager, artist, and influencer. Live event expert for women’s communities.

Carrollton, Texas

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