Covey PODs Reach Your Goals with Us * CoveyClub

One of the great things CoveyClub is able to provide: warm groups of like-minded women who are committed to self-growth and exploration. These women will become your sounding board, your therapist, your business partners, and your friends.

The best way to get to know these fabulous women are through Covey PODs.

How do Covey PODs work? Four times each year we will post a call for PODs in the Letter From Lesley newsletter. You will fill out your interests and we will match you with 4 to 7 other women who share your interests or goals. You will organize and meet for 12 weeks.  Each POD is self-guided: we will send you a list of best practices to follow. Though we choose someone to get your POD off the ground, when you first meet you will elect someone to chair the group, then find a time to meet weekly and set your agenda. Your group can be as buttoned-up or as unbuttoned as you want to be.

Use your POD to:

*Make new friends and expand your interests

*Create an accountability group

*Give yourself a weekly break from your usual routine in the form of a fireside chat or cocktail hour

*Execute on a specific goal

*Look for work

*Speak or learn French

*Collaborate on a project or a charitable event

The POD is yours to use in whatever manner your group decides.

Here are what POD members are saying that their PODS do for them:

Career Counselor:

This group has truly helped me as I moved into a new job, offering perspectives and advice on how to navigate my situation. I think of my biweekly Covey Club pod calls as an hour of career care with four amazing coaches.”

Bolster for Personal Growth:

“Covey Pods have become an essential part of my membership. I’ve benefited from getting to know women from other backgrounds and professions. I feel comfortable asking for help, and the input I’ve received has helped propel my business and personal growth.”

Accountability Group:

“The Author Pod Squad is helping me move forward with resources and the motivation I needed to ship content. The existence of the pod means writing is now a forethought and a priority, not last on my to-do list. I built it into my day in an unexpected way. Great group!”

Navigating a Difficult Personal Situation

“The Caregivers pod came at a perfect time for me as we moved my mom into an assisted living facility toward the end of last year. It has been extremely helpful to talk with other women about all of the emotions that come with having an aging parent while you’re juggling other things like a job, other family responsibilities, and time for self-care. Definitely cheaper than therapy!”

Don’t love your POD? After 12 weeks, we will change you out so you can meet another group of members.

We created Covey PODs in response to members asking for a more intimate setting in which to interact — especially virtually. And we’ve already seen how magical these virtual friendships become when you finally meet in person–such as the 2023 NOLA Retreat!

PODs are free to CoveyClub members and we do three to four PODs per year.

Not a member? You can join Nest with CoveyClub here to get 3 PODs each year for free. Or you can purchase a single 12-week pod by Venmo @LesleyJaneSeymour. After you’ve joined CoveyClub or bought a POD, you can fill out our survey and be placed into a Spring POD!

Questions? Drop us a line at