“Lesley Jane Seymour personifies experience, generosity of mind, power and effectiveness.  Working with her absolutely proves the benefit of collaboration.  Lesley draws from her vast universe of professionals to best articulate and beautifully illustrate the content.  Reinvention can be daunting no matter how brilliant one’s idea is.  Join the Covey Club community and test your ideas and revel in the fact that there is a support network working to conquer new ideas, focus creativity and monetize experience.”

Elie Sullivan and Charles Warren, founders of 2662 New York

 Elie Sullivan and Charles Warren founders of 2662 New York

Photo by Maria Karas

In an effort to ensure your brand message is not just seen but heard in a meaningful way, CoveyClub offers customized partnership opportunities designed to provide real benefits to our subscribers while helping to accomplish your marketing goals.

Sponsor our virtual salons or Real Life events

Engage with our audience.  The LaGratta-Mannix Group at Merrill Lynch sponsored our “Set Your Intention for Reinvention” evening of yoga, inspiration, and shopping with Bandier.

Become a part of a live discussion

Sponsor our Facebook Live discussions, The CoveyCast podcast, or place your product or card for service in our goodie bags given out at events–such as our Lesley’s List meetups.

Pitch or perfect your product with Covey B2B

Covey has created an affordable way for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs to survey, test, and launch their new ideas or services in a loving, supportive environment. See the sponsorship we did with 2662 New York creating an article that we pushed out over social media, ads, an Instagram giveaway, and FB live discussion.

Sponsor our newsletter or a giveaway

Members receive a bi-monthly newsletter in which we highlight and offer special deals or discounts on unique products or services. Sponsors can have a special spot to get in front of these amazing women. Have a beautiful or luxury product? Sponsor a giveaway that gets highlighted in the newsletter and online.

Hire us as your media partner

We can write and report and get the word out about the fabulous things you are doing for women who are sure to be impressed. We were the media sponsors, for example, for the Circular Summit in Washington, DC.. We created a series of Facebook live interviews with important attendees and helped get the word out on social media.

Ask us about Lesley’s Table

We will be hand-selecting members to meet for dinner or intimate in-home events


For details on how you can work with us to create a uniquely engaging personalized experience with the CoveyClub audience, email us at Lesley@CoveyClub.com

Photos from our inaugural partnership event with Bandier and Merrill Lynch are here.


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