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Write for TheCovey!

Are you a professional writer with published clips? Are you an author with an upcoming book? Are you an expert in your area who has something valuable to share with The CoveyClub audience? We’d love to hear from you.

Send links to your three best clips (or your professional marketing material for your book) to us along with a one- or two-paragraph pitch for the story you’d like to write. Include a two-sentence bio and links to your social media.

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Become a Guest for One of Our Virtual Coffee & Conversation Classes!

Are you an expert in a topic that would be of interest to The CoveyClub crowd? Got an hour between 2-3 PM EST? We’d love to have you teach one of our Coffee & Conversation classes. We do these over the Zoom network and you will be live with an audience that will want to learn about your expertise and ask you questions live. Lesley Jane Seymour will host. 

Pitch us your idea or expertise and send at least one link to a video you’ve done, your two-sentence bio, and links to your social media.

Most guests find CoveyClub is an excellent source of lead generation for them: that’s why they come back over and over. Here’s what a few say: 

“Speaking for Covey Club is always a highlight for me! Lesley has curated such a lovely — and highly engaged — group of smart, savvy women. Not only does it allow for fun, intimate discussions, but I’ve gained clients, connected with many other potential clients, and simply love being a part of this community. Not to mention… Lesley is one of the best moderators I’ve encountered!” —Laura Fravel, personal brand strategist

“I love visiting CoveyClub to share my work, have done so three times and would happily again. Lesley Jane Seymour has assembled a group of inspiring, courageous and curious women – exactly the kind of people I love to work with and learn with. Every time Covey hosts me, I have great exchanges with women on the ideas that matter to their professional and personal lives. I have forged great personal connections, and attendees in the workshops have become my coaching clients and participants in my workplace programs —this partnership has been a great asset to my practice and I am grateful for it!” — Nayla Bahri, Leadership, Executive and Career Development Expert

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Become A Guest on our Podcast, Reinvent Yourself with Lesley Jane Seymour

Do you have a remarkable reinvention story? Or have you created a platform or system for women 40+ to reinvent themselves? We’d love to hear from you.

Send a two-paragraph description of your story, a two-sentence bio, and links to any books or videos that describe your personal journey to us.

Many of our podcast guests find their most important clients are listening. Here’s what one has to say: 

“This is a time of radical transformation of our reality and ourselves. CoveyClub is the place to find insight and inspiration to navigate the choppy waters. I did a podcast with Lesley in the early days of the pandemic lockdown and it resulted in new investors joining Plum Alley. We are investing to create a better future.” –Deborah Jackson, Founder and CEO Plum Alley

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Please Note:

*Because we are a small family-owned business, we will only be able to reply to you if we are interested in your offer.

*We don’t accept backlinks or posts from companies or brands.

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