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Reading: FREE 5-Day Make-Your-Voice-Heard Challenge

FREE 5-Day Make-Your-Voice-Heard Challenge

Bravely put your voice out there and build your personal brand — today!

By Laura Fravel

Putting your voice out in the world can be scary, even terrifying. You ask yourself: What should I say? How should I say it? And even, Who even cares what I have to say?

You see, women have what’s called a ‘confidence gap.’ We’ve been raised to be modest and uplift those around us. And for years (decades), we’ve put our heads down and worked. Damn hard. As of 2020, women now make up just over half of the workforce and earn more college degrees than men. We have truly proven our competence. (Go, us!)

Yet, we lack confidence in our own voices

And it shows. Men still get promoted more and earn more money. And the research increasingly points to women’s lack of confidence holding us back. We fear speaking up and speaking out; we fear ‘bragging’ or sounding self-promotional. We somehow fear sharing our amazing ideas and expertise, even after decades of top-notch experience. 

I personally spent two decades in the TV/media industry,  working for top brands — like National Geographic, the New York Times ad agency, and Netflix. I helped hundreds of people tell their stories to millions of viewers and consumers. So when I shifted my business I already knew firsthand, without a doubt, how powerful sharing one’s story and expertise is.

I thought “I got this!” I would just pop myself over to social media and it would be smooth sailing. Um,  until I wrote my first blog post. I actually spent so many hours tweaking it that I never posted it. And then I stepped in front of the YouTube camera and said “oh my, hell no.” 

It took a while, and a big dose of courage, but the day I finally stepped out from behind my business and really learned how to tell my story and the story of my brand to the world… that is when the magic happened. 

An invitation: learn how to put your voice out there

To help burst this confidence gap I have created a FREE 5-Day Challenge named, appropriately, DARE TO BE SEEN. It’s meant to give women like you a dose of courage to show up and share your expertise with the world.

Each day for a week, beginning TODAY, Monday, Oct. 12th, I offer every participant a daily prompt to respond to on any or all of your social media. The prompt will help you answer the big stopper question: “what do I even say?” But I also offer you accountability (the group will be liking and reposting your statements), and a community for extra validation and support. If you are a new entrepreneur, a corporate citizen learning how to build your personal brand, or just someone interested in joining the public discourse (which maybe up until now you have avoided), come to my site and take the challenge. I truly believe courage comes before confidence. And if women can do what we do best — support each other and offer up that courage for each other — all our confidence will explode.  

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