The Hidden Reason You're Not Reaching Your Goal: ADHD in Women 40+

October 1st 2020 2:00 pm (EDT)

The Hidden Reason You’re Not Reaching Your Goals

Diann Wingert, psychotherapist turned coach, will show you how to tell whether you have ADHD and how to make it work for you. Harness it to enrich your life now!

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Diann Wingert

Diann Wingert

After two decades as a successful psychotherapist, Diann reinvented herself as a coach, so she could shift the conversation from problems to possibilities. She passionately believes that this stage of life is the most powerful if we are truly willing to let go of whatever is holding us back.

Since turning 40, Diann spent a decade as a single parent, raising her three children to adulthood, learned to drive a stick shift, embraced Buddhism, traveled the world, experienced skydiving, studied German, remarried, been tattooed, changed careers and became an entrepreneur.

Now in her 6th decade, Diann is continuing to learn, evolve, and defy her own limits, while helping others do the same. She has a particular fondness for coaching driven but distracted women who are audacious enough to start their own business at midlife and beyond.



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The highest rate of ADHD is being diagnosed in women over 40. Why? They were undiagnosed as children and as they watch their own children get diagnosed, they are asking for testing. ADHD can be the #1 reason you have difficulty staying on track, organizing your days, or finishing tasks. Diann Wingert, psychotherapist turned coach, will show you how to tell whether you have ADHD and how to make it work for you (hello fashion and beauty industry executives!). Harness it to enrich your life now!

Questions we will answer:
• Why am I better at starting than finishing my projects?
• How can I set myself up for success?
• Why do I procrastinate until the last minute, especially on the important stuff?
• I am driven, but distracted. Is it possible that I have ADHD as a woman over 40?

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