July 20th 2020 2:00 pm (EDT)

Mindful Leadership: How Grounding Yourself Creates Fulfilling Results

Author, educator, and explorer, Susan Purvis, and Mindful Leadership Coach, Charlie White, teach us how to become mindful leaders and apply it to our daily lives.

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Susan Purvis

Susan Purvis

Susan Purvis is an author, educator, and explorer. Her award-winning and best-selling memoir Go Find: My Journey to Find the Lost — and Myself demonstrates what it takes to be a leader and maverick in business and in the mountains.

Charlie White

Charlie White

Charlie White is the first person in the room to give you the shirt off his back. He is an entrepreneur, Mindful Leadership Coach and owner of Move Mountains. He completed his M.A. in Education from Lehigh University.



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Tools we'll learn:
1. Provide grounding practice that is practical and applicable throughout daily life.

2. Introduce the Mindful Leadership Framework that leaves you with an understanding of how to live as a mindful leader.

3. Practical implementation techniques and tools.

Questions we'll answer:
• How can I become a Mindful Leader?
• How will living as a Mindful Leader make my life more fulfilling and peaceful.
• Where would I apply Mindful Leadership in my daily life.

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