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Go Ahead and Jump into Your Reinvention!

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By Lesley Jane Seymour

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That’s my message to all the women out there who are calling me in a panic during this last quarter of the fiscal year saying they need to reinvent but are terrified of taking the first steps.

CoveyClub was created as a community of nonjudgmental friends who will deploy their expertise to help you make the leap into your next chapter — whatever that is. Though I’m mostly getting calls from women who sense they are about to be downsized or fired (or let go, or moved to some marginalized department they know nothing about), there are plenty of you who might be thinking about jumping into a different, but nonetheless important, challenge: into a new life in a new city, into a healthier lifestyle, an empty nest, the dating scene, or any other midlife challenge. The point is, Covey is here to supply the information and the practical tactics — and if you step up to Lesley’s List, the sisterhood — to get you through these transitions.

And hear me now: if you live long enough, a transition will find you. The key is to make the best of it, to plan ahead so you can take advantage of any disruption and turn it into an opportunity for personal growth.

With that in mind, I hope you’ll enjoy all of the wonderful reporting and writing that passes along tremendous quantities of wisdom in this November issue of our digital magazine TheCovey. Perhaps you’re thinking that professional speaking should be part of your new repertoire, but you wonder (like many of us do) how to actually break into the speaking business? Glad you asked. Snowden McFall, MAT, six-time author, professional speaker, owner of Fired Up! Professional Speaking, divulges all of her secrets in “Become a Killer Speaker and Get Paid!” Did you know that early overuse of neurotoxins (the injections that relax frown lines) could lead to issues? Read “The Dangers of Using Wrinkle Relaxers — Too Early” to find out what to do (because I was a beauty editor, I started early and have decided to give my face a break!). And note: no other publication can tell you this truth because it would anger their advertisers.

With all the discussion about what will happen to Roe v. Wade in a more conservative-leaning supreme court, we have a must-read firsthand account about what happens to the unwanted children who enter our foster care system (“The Pro-life Reality No One Wants to Talk About”). Another important issue no one is talking about is the need to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy even at midlife. In “Are You Pregnant or in Menopause?” you’ll find out why your sex is not as safe as you think! Not sure exactly how to best further the causes you believe in? Check out our profile of Rogan’s List founder Susan Rogan, a librarian turned political activist (“The Rebel Grandma”).

And lastly, do not miss Courtney Kealy’s beautiful essay called “Flowers by the Fistful” about how a single war-reporter became an unexpected mother. She shows us how resiliency and love can get any family through even the most tragic transitions. And yes, you’ll probably need a tissue.

Let us know what you think of every article and get the conversation going by adding your comments below each one. We really do want you to be part of the discussion. And reach out to me at with any story ideas or thoughts on how we can make Covey more meaningful to you. xo

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