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Lesley's List is a private, off-the-record roster of smart, rule-breaking, super accomplished women who are committed to women's advancement and to helping others achieve their dreams while achieving their own. These women represent the heart and soul — the generosity and big-heartedness — behind CoveyClub.

Lesley's List, which is part of the Rule the Roost membership, is for you if you are willing to give as much as you get and want to make (at least) five new fabulous contacts you wouldn't have met anywhere else.

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  • GIVE/GET networking. Do you like to mentor others? Do you have a killer list of angel funding contacts? Can you prep someone for the biggest speech of their life? That’s your GIVE. Then ask for your GET. Are you looking for more PR clients? Do you need a contract lawyer? Do you want personal branding help? When you respond to the GIVES and GETS from others on the list and they respond to yours–a community is born!
  • Expand your connections: reach out and meet Lesley’s Listers in person (that’s why they’re there) or meet at a Covey live event.
  • Post a story on the Covey blog about an issue you care about. Not a writer? We’ll help edit it for you.
  • Got your own reinvention story? Ask Lesley to bring you onto The CoveyCast podcast.


Let them inspire you while you inspire them

Emily Listfield

Emily Listfield

I have been so inspired by the intelligence, experience, and generosity of the women in Lesley’s List. It is an amazing resource for practical information about every aspect of business, entrepreneurism and life skills. While I enjoy the free exchange of information, I have also gotten business from other Lesley’s Listers. After serving as an Editor-in-Chief, Chief Content Officer for a PR firm and bestselling author, I founded Inflection Media to help brands tell their stories. I work with start-ups as well as global companies - and have been privileged to help founders and other entrepreneurs I have met through Lesley’s List hone their messaging. We rise together!

Kirsten Bunch

It's not every day that you get the opportunity to join an inclusive group of women who come together to share, collaborate and grow. Since I've joined Lesley's List, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't deeply connect with a topic being discussed or the challenge that one of the women in the group is facing. My work is focused on helping women transition from giving charity to becoming changemakers in their communities by starting social enterprises, nonprofits, and foundations. Lesley's List has introduced me to women, who have built empires big and small, who are changing the world through their businesses and personal lives.

Gretchen Kubacky

Accomplished. Courageous. Innovative. Delightful. And most of all, generous. These are the words that reflect my experience with CoveyClub and Lesley’s List. This is a phenomenal group of inspiring women who bring diverse business and life skills and experience to a dynamic group exchange. As a private practice health psychologist moving into the entrepreneurial world through the process of publishing and distributing my new book, The PCOS Mood Cure: The PCOS Psychologist’s Guide to Ending the Emotional Roller Coaster of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, I’ve had many questions, and these women have been exceptionally helpful. I love women helping women make the world happier and healthier!

“I was a long-time fan of More mag and am so excited to discover Covey! I've spent three hours reading, watching, and absorbing the site, and I'm thrilled to say that it's even more compelling than the mag."

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