Join Lesley Jane Seymour when she interviews amazing women who have reinvented themselves in every way imaginable. These frank, fun, warm conversations unearth the tips and tricks women like you need to restart, reboot, or enhance your career or lifestyle. Learn about the #1 secret to creating your personal brand (Jennefer Witter), or how to motivate a millennial and what to do if you work for one (Ann Shoket). Would you like to reinvent yourself as a writer? Listen to women who've done it (Eva Dillon and Laura Munson) and are willing to share their secrets to getting started. Let us inspire you and inform you–so you can get on your way. Click to listen to each podcast below or subscribe to The Covey Cast on iTunes or at Podbean.

April 18 2018

#21: How do you finance your reinvention? (Tracy Chadwell)

CoveyClub Founder, Lesley Jane Seymour talks with Tracy Killoren Chadwell, Founding Partner of 1843 Capital, about why, when and how to fundraise and from whom. Tracy also reveals the whys and wherefores of her own route to reinvention, the building of her own venture capital fund and why she’s so bullish on women and what she calls “sliver tech.”


CoveyCast Notes: Get reading with the three inspirational books that Tracy says were most influential in forming her life’s mission:

West with the Night: “The memoir of Beryl Markham, one of the most courageous and accomplished women in history and a great read.”
The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill: “Read anything about or by Winston Churchill, but this book of quotes is accessible and fun.”
The Innovators: “Wonderful collection of backgrounds of the people who created the digital revolution, including Ava Lovelace and Grace Hopper.”

40:50 Minutes


March 19 2018

#20: When your health forces you to reinvent (Dr. Donnica Moore)

She was a happy MD when her health issues interfered. So she reinvented as a T.V. doc. Until her health interfered. And now she is reinventing again. Lesley Jane Seymour speaks with this indefatigable doctor who brings intimate medical advice to women like us at her podcast “In the Ladies Room with Dr. Donnica.

34:24 Minutes


March 19 2018

#19: Reinventing during the wait in the pick-up line (Claire Cook)

Claire Cook was a 45 year old mom who her used her time waiting in the pickup line for her kid’s swim practice to pursue her dream of being a writer.  Now she’s a best-selling author with a movie under her belt. CoveyClub founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, has a lively chat with this one-person cheer-leading squad for reinventors.

38:22 Minutes


February 3 2018

#18: A Beautiful Reinvention (Stephanie Duttenhaver and Cindy Edwards)

From marketing and momhood to the skincare business. Savannah-based Stephanie Duttenhaver and Cindy Edwards decided that what was missing in the beauty market was southern comfort for skin. Defying the current trend for injuring/then repairing skin, they went for babying it instead—with high doses of all natural ingredients and the most gorgeous packaging they could find. Then a seat on a plane ride changed their business forever.

41:30 Minutes


February 3 2018

#17: She helps you shop for products that treat women fairly (Amy-Willard Cross)

Amy-Willard Cross wondered why there were labels that helped consumers shop for fair-caught fish but not for businesses that treat women fairly. So she created Genderfair, an app and label that lets you shop your values. Join CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour as she downloads serial reinventor Cross on how she did it—and what you can learn about reinventing to make the world fair for all genders.

51:10 Minutes


January 30 2018

#16: 5 secrets to reinventing yourself as a writer (Laura Munson)

Best-selling author (and reinventor) Laura Munson wants to help you (no matter what your level) craft your story, novel or memoir!  Join CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour and Munson in a conversation that reveals the nuts and bolts of how to get started, collectives and workshops to join (including Gotham in NY, Grub Street in Boston, Story Studio in Chicago, The Loft in Minneapolis, PNWA in Seattle, The Grotto in San Francisco), best self-publishing outlets (Girl Friday Productions), and best retreats—Munson has a special offer for Covey Cast listeners who sign up for her fabulous Haven Writing Retreat.

54:24 Minutes



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