Reinvent Yourself with Lesley Jane Seymour

Join Lesley Jane Seymour as she talks with amazing women who have reinvented themselves in every way imaginable. These frank, fun, warm conversations unearth the tips and tricks women like you need to restart, reboot, or enhance your career or lifestyle. Interviews include: No. 1 Secret To Creating Your Personal Brand (Jennefer Witter), How to Motivate a Millennial and What To Do if You Work for One (Ann Shoket), When You Discover Your Father is a Spy (Eva Dillon), How to Find More Happiness Inside Yourself and in the World (Gretchen Rubin), How to Transform Your Body (Susan Hyatt), How to Shave Big $$$ Off Your Healthcare Bills & Reinvent Yourself, Too (Jeanne Pinder), How to Reinvent Yourself After Getting Your Boss Fired (Gretchen Carlson) and more. Click to listen to each podcast below or subscribe to Reinvent Yourself on iTunes, Podbean, or Spotify.

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Reinvent Yourself

December 10 2021

#155: Jennifer Pate (Growth Is In The Struggle)

“First thing: get clear on what you want,” says Jennifer Pate, the very practical founder of, a site dedicated to making women feel good about aging. “Take out paper and pen and write down how much time [you can dedicate to your reinvention]. Be realistic about what you can do.”  Ask yourself, she says:  “How much money do I need [to make]? What do I want to do? Can you name it? What are you good at? What do people compliment you on? The more you can define these things—things will start opening up.” That’s exactly how Pate made her way from being a professional dancer to casting director, co-author of a book ( “The Mothers of Reinvention”), and television contributor. Facing empty nest and turning 55 forced Pate to reassess what she wanted to do next and when she discovered “so many women at the height of their creativity and drive [who] felt we weren’t being talked to….I want to change the narrative of what it is to age today.”

33:42 Minutes

Reinvent Yourself

December 3 2021

#154: Marlene Wallach (Don’t Think Of It As A Reinvention, But As A Next Step)

“When someone wants to recreate themselves it’s not easy,” says Marlene Wallach, author of “Wellness is in Style–An Easy Guide to Body & Soul”, former co-owner (for 17 years) of modeling agency Wilhelmina International Partnership and founder of “You have to stick with it whatever it is–changing jobs, careers, industries. Go to conferences and walk up to the speaker and say, ‘I really admire you. I loved what you said and would love to contact you with an idea I had.’” That’s exactly how she snagged an interview with LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman for her book. “I wrote to him and his secretary said, ‘He doesn’t have time.’ That meant no. I wrote back four more times and sometimes just wrote a joke.” Wallach says she never looked at her moves as reinventions which sounds “overwhelming” but as next steps. “For me the next step is close, is easy. When I saw things not working, I went to the next step.”

33:18 Minutes

Reinvent Yourself

November 26 2021

#153: Sandy Weiner (Pay Attention To Your Intuition)

“People go for their ‘type’ and that’s the worst for them,” says Sandy Weiner, dating expert, and CEO of “Women I work with are now in their sixties and they go for CEO types. They say, ‘I’m really attracted to his resume.’ But that doesn’t make for a good relationship. You need to focus on the long term: can this person talk to me, resolve conflict? Have they created a life for themselves or are they stuck blaming someone else for who they are today?” Weiner, who is also a life coach and founder of the site, Women of Value, finds many dating clients are too “airy-fairy” in their profiles which confuses men. She helps them create profiles designed to get men to think, “I’d love to meet this woman.” Quite a strange turn for a woman who graduated with a degree in art therapy, wandered through businesses in illustration and painting furniture, authoring children’s books, becoming a head writer for Nickelodeon, and eventually returning to school for her degree in coaching. When her 23-year marriage went south, Weiner found herself in midlife transition and dating again. “My friends were, too. But I was better at it and guiding them because of my training in coaching.” What has she learned? “Pay attention to your intuition. It holds the key to your ‘why’. Try things. Be bold. Make mistakes.”

35:17 Minutes

Reinvent Yourself

November 19 2021

#152: Debra Shriver (How A City Inspired A Reinvention)

When Debra Shriver left her native Alabama for Washington, DC, she was 26, newly married, and ready to step into a high-profile PR job. She spent the next 25 years overseeing public relations at Hearst Media, a role she still appreciates for the growth opportunities it offered. But when she felt called to reinvent her career, she acted on it. “If I didn’t like the situation, I was a really good cut and run artist,” she says. “I have perfected the quit.” She chose to exchange the fast-paced New York life for The Big Easy. An avid Francophile, she saw in New Orleans what she loved about France: the slower pace, the exquisite arts, and the almost Caribbean-like ease that softens each day. The city inspired a series of reinventions that led her to creating her own publishing firm, delving into photography, and writing several books of her own. Her latest, The French Leave, is an homage to both Paris and New Orleans, the cities that inspired her reinvention and captured her heart. In this conversation with Covey Club founder Lesley Jane Seymour, Shriver explains how she embraced the unbuttoned freedom of New Orleans life with a Lucy Ricardo sense of adventure. Her advice? “Don’t be the Ricky,” she says. “Life is too short.”

36:54 Minutes

Reinvent Yourself

November 12 2021

#151: Catherine Balsam-Schwaber (When Your Parents Expected A Doctor But You Do Everything Else)

“I just turned 50, I was having my own perimenopausal challenges, even though I didn’t really understand that that’s what they were, and I wanted to go back to my roots of access to healthcare and supporting women,” says Catherine Balsam-Scwaber. “But I was so far along in my career that it was hard to imagine stepping out of what I did to try something different.”

The Connecticut native grew up thinking she wanted to be a doctor. And after jobs in politics, news, movies, media, toys, and even crafting, she actually did end up back in Connecticut, working in healthcare. The CEO of Kindra, a women’s health and beauty company focusing on menopause, talks to CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour about breaking down taboos and building up women’s confidence to find what’s right for them.

41:58 Minutes

Reinvent Yourself

November 5 2021

#150: Lesley Jane Seymour (What I’ve Learned From 150 Reinvention Interviews And 100,000 Downloads)

Half of all podcasts reach 14 or fewer episodes and so I’m thrilled to be celebrating my 150th episode of Reinvent Yourself with Lesley Jane Seymour as we approach our 100,000th download as well! That’s quite a record. For this special episode I’m talking with CoveyClub’s reinvention coach Dana Hilmer, who, with coach Wendy Perrotti, runs Camp Reinvention, about all that I’ve learned and synthesized from the amazing women I’ve interviewed. Here’s the reason I keep going: because women 40+ deserve to be heard and their successes and tips for reinvention need to be recorded and shared. I deliberately speak with the famous (such as Gretchen Carlson, the Fox newscaster who sued Roger Ailes and got him fired for sexual harassment) and regular people who have reinvented from every direction possible–with and without money, with and without schooling or special degrees, with or without a supportive spouse or social group, with or without fear, with or without a clue. The message? You can do it, too–no matter who you are or where you come from. Thanks as well to my wonderful podcast producer, Jonathan Alba, and to Covey’s fabulous admin, Marisa Vilarino, without whom I’d never have gotten CoveyClub or the podcast off the ground.

58:33 Minutes