Reinvent Yourself with Lesley Jane Seymour

Join Lesley Jane Seymour as she talks with amazing women who have reinvented themselves in every way imaginable. These frank, fun, warm conversations unearth the tips and tricks women like you need to restart, reboot, or enhance your career or lifestyle. Interviews include: No. 1 Secret To Creating Your Personal Brand (Jennefer Witter), How to Motivate a Millennial and What To Do if You Work for One (Ann Shoket), When You Discover Your Father is a Spy (Eva Dillon), How to Find More Happiness Inside Yourself and in the World (Gretchen Rubin), How to Transform Your Body (Susan Hyatt), How to Shave Big $$$ Off Your Healthcare Bills & Reinvent Yourself, Too (Jeanne Pinder), How to Reinvent Yourself After Getting Your Boss Fired (Gretchen Carlson) and more. Click to listen to each podcast below or subscribe to Reinvent Yourself on iTunes, Podbean, or Spotify.

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Reinvent Yourself

April 3 2020

#87: When a Disability Forces You to Reinvent (Terri Bryant)

“Until I was open and honest [about my Parkinson’s Disease] I couldn’t unlock my reinvention,” says Terri Bryant, makeup artist and founder of GUIDE BEAUTY, a company that is rethinking the ergonomics of beauty tools and products for all users. Bryant, who had done makeup for fashion runways, films, print ads, and cosmetics got her diagnosis five years ago and found herself having to sit on her shaking hands during television interviews. And when she could no longer hide them, she decided to rethink and redesign the beauty tools that she used on her job. Gone is that pesky eyeliner brush that requires perfect small motor skills. In came a Precision Tip applicator that looks like a surgical tool that allows anyone to create a perfect cat eye in seconds. “The opportunity to embrace [your disability] is the opportunity to find your community,” Bryant Says. “Then you are not alone.”

36:53 Minutes

Reinvent Yourself

March 27 2020

#86: In this New World , Where Are The Opportunities? (Deborah Jackson)

Deborah Jackson, Founder and CEO of Plum Alley Investments, had a father who worked for IBM (often jokingly called I’ve Been Moved). And so, as a child, she moved every few years to another place in the US. “Moving made me resourceful and adaptable,” she says. “I realize in my 60s, it is a good skill set for navigating change.” After business school, Jackson “stumbled” into investment banking at Goldman Sachs in municipal finance. After 20 years, she retired, found her way onto five non-profit boards and even explored her bucket list. “I flunked retirement,” she laughs. Jackson had been mentoring entrepreneurs and investing when she decided to create a business out of it. “I wanted to change the experience of how investing is done,” she tells Lesley Jane Seymour, founder of CoveyClub. “How do we get women excited about investing? How do we create joy beyond the financial transaction?” Plum Alley, a private membership that gives investors “access to influence innovation and shape the future by investing in private companies” does just that — and has already invested in 19 companies in 24 months.  “Wise women over 60 have so much to give back,” Jackson says. “Age and wisdom are really significant together.”

37:49 Minutes

Reinvent Yourself

March 21 2020

#85: Reinventing From Science to Beauty (Barbara Paldus)

What do you do when you’re raised in Canada and Europe with a father who is a professor of applied mathematics and chemistry who hobnobbed with the most famous scientists on the planet? What do you do when you have a Ph.D. in electrical and electronics engineering from Stamford and have already helped make health treatments available to kids with muscular dystrophy and own a handful of patents? And when you have created and sold a company and now invest in others as a VC? Why, you tackle the beauty business of course — using your scientific eye to create a range of totally sustainable products (you can eat them) — that are good for your skin and beautiful to use! Join CoveyClub founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, in this enlightening conversation with one of the most innovative beauty (and beautiful) minds on the planet, Barbara Paldus, CEO at Codex Beauty.

43:36 Minutes

Reinvent Yourself

March 13 2020

#84: How To Pivot Into Your Next Life (Joan Lunden)

“It’s been 20 years since I left Good Morning America,” says Joan Lunden, author of the new book, Why Did I Come Into This Room?: A Candid Conversation About Aging.  “I have an incredibly robust career in health. This is my new reinvention.” Lunden speaks with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour about her three keys to happiness:


1. Staying engaged in life

2. Keeping social connections well beyond the family

3. Cultivating a sense of purpose —”that can be as simple as planting a garden.”


Lunden believes that with 76 million Boomers at this pivot point we need to have open discussions about reinventing. To have a “life well-lived” Lunden says we need “to let go of things that don’t matter. Ask yourself: ‘Am I kind? Am I there for people?’ That will let you pivot.”

41:47 Minutes

Reinvent Yourself

March 6 2020

#83: Turning Intellectual Curiosity and Research Into $$ (Dana Rubin)

Journalist Dana Rubin had been writing speeches and op-eds and coaching executives on how to present themselves at conferences and commencements. One client was struggling with how her voice sounded on stage and Rubin “wanted to give her speeches as inspiration.” She climbed out of bed and grabbed one of the 102 speech anthologies on her bookshelf and noticed that every speech in there was from a man: from Cicero to Lord Asquith to Lincoln, FDR, Martin Luther King. “My head exploded,” Rubin says because she realized that women’s voices are “not valued.” That’s also when her new job as “advocate for women’s speech and voice” was born and her web bank,, with 1800 speeches was created to support it. “I reinvented myself and this is what I do,” she says, noting that she funds the bank with speech writing and speaking fees.

36:08 Minutes

Reinvent Yourself

February 28 2020

#82: 3 Simple Steps to Reinventing Your Health (Suzanne Frank)

“Neither of my parents exercised; they were both functional alcoholics,” says Suzanne Frank, CEO of Frank Wellness Health Coaching, who had her first drink at age 10.  “I don’t think of myself as an alcoholic. But I wasn’t my best self and I was just following in the footsteps of my family.” One night, after her son entered the 4th-grade D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program, Frank decided she had had enough and quit her bad habits. But she realized she needed to replace them with things that still helped her relax and focus. Running a marathon had been a lifelong dream. So when a friend asked her to join a Super Sprint Triathlon — her career as a 50+ triathlete was born. “It took me one year of training to run 2.2 miles,” she laughs. Frank says getting unstuck is as simple as these three steps:


1:  Let go of something old.

2. Try an intellectual challenge.

3. Try something totally new. “Just do it!”

37:34 Minutes