30-Day Money Challenge: Feel Financially Free

Ready to finally improve your money habits?

Are you like Lesley Jane Seymour, a powerhouse woman who’s conquered countless challenges but still finds herself avoiding her finances? You’re not alone. Many of us grapple with the emotional barriers that hold us back from achieving true financial freedom.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Stephanie McCullough, the brilliant mind behind Sofia Financial, to create a transformative 30-day journey. Together, we’ll uncover what’s been keeping you from taking control of your financial destinies.

Here’s what you can expect from the No-Numbers Money Challenge

💼 Expert Guidance: Led by Stephanie McCullough, a seasoned financial planner, and Lesley Jane Seymour, founder of CoveyClub, you’ll receive expert insights and strategies to break through your money barriers.

💡 Daily Inspiration: Each day, you’ll receive a short email packed with specially curated content to keep you motivated and engaged. Whether it’s a thought-provoking quote, an insightful video, or a practical worksheet, you’ll have everything you need to make progress.

🚺 Community Support: Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey towards financial freedom. Share your wins, seek advice, and connect with others who understand your challenges.

🖥️ Weekly Check-Ins: Every Monday evening 6-6:15pm ET, gather for a live check-in and coaching session with Stephanie and Lesley. Get personalized guidance, ask questions, and stay accountable as you progress through the challenge.

📊 Worksheets for Learning and Growth: Dive deeper into key financial concepts and exercises with our interactive worksheets. These practical tools will help you apply what you’ve learned and track your progress throughout the challenge.

👩‍🎓 Graduation Celebration: Wrap up the challenge with a virtual graduation ceremony on Friday, May 31st at 6 PM ET. Celebrate your achievements, reflect on your growth, and step into a brighter financial future.

By the end of the challenge, you’ll have transformed your mindset about money

NOTE: If you want to get the challenge for free by joining CoveyClub, you must choose the annual membership. Monthly memberships purchased after 4/17/24 are not eligible for free access.

Stephanie McCullough founded Sofia Financial because of her passion for empowering women to make wise financial decisions. Stephanie reinvented as a financial advisor 24 years ago and loves her work. She is married with two kids in college, and studied at Duke University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

Are you ready to reimagine your financial life in just 30 days? Join us!

Here’s How It Works

  • We will gather on Zoom on Wednesday, May 1 at 7 PM ET for the launch of the challenge
  • Every day for the next 30 days we’ll send you an email with inspiration and surprises to help keep you on track. For extra support, come chat with us in the CoveyConnect Chat!
  • Each Monday at 6 PM ET we will gather for a quick (voluntary) 15-minute check-in Zoom call to answer questions and cheer each other forward.
  • On May 30 at 6 PM ET we will gather one last time to celebrate our wins.

The Feel Financially Free 30-Day No Numbers Money Challenge is FREE to members* (along with dozens of other fabulous supports like PODs, classes, networking meetups, etc.). So why not join CoveyClub now and get the whole list of benefits outlined below for much less? If joining a club is just not your thing, you can jump on the challenge by itself for $350.

*Not eligible on monthly memberships created after April 17, 2024