30-Day Reinvention Challenge * CoveyClub

What do you want to change in 2023?

The new year is just around the corner, and there’s no better time to get motivated and pour fuel on the flames of your reinvention idea. Join our 30-Day Reinvention Challenge, starting January 9, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Whatever you’re working toward – be it a new business, a new life phase, or even a new take on your personal style – we can help you make it happen. With daily guidance to keep you moving toward your goals, as well as two calls with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour every week, we’ll make sure you’re set up for a successful 2023.

The CoveyClub Reinvention Challenge is FREE to CoveyConnect Nest members, who also get dozens of other fabulous supports like PODs, classes, networking meetups, and more. So why not join Nest with Covey now and get the whole list of benefits outlined here?

You can join CoveyClub for $299 (and receive all the other CoveyClub benefits) or you can buy the course for $350.

Current Nest with Covey annual members can click here to join the challenge in the CoveyConnect app! (The challenge is also free to monthly members who joined before December 1, 2022)

A Note from Lesley Jane Seymour…

 I hate New Year’s resolutions and I don’t make them. They are too trendy and don’t take you far.  

But I do believe in creating your own personal change goals in the new year. A change goal can be as simple as deciding to meditate every morning, or removing cholesterol from your diet. Or it can be as big as leaving the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. Reinvention for me comes in all shapes and sizes.  It’s whatever you want it to be.

CoveyClub has expertise in helping you reach any of those goals. 

Now we are taking that help to a whole new level by launching something completely NEW called the CoveyClub 30-Day Reinvention Challenge. 

You’ll be shocked at how far you can go toward reaching your dreams in just one month with the support of CoveyClub.

“Reinvention can be daunting no matter how brilliant one’s idea is. Join the CoveyClub community and test your ideas and revel in the fact that there is a support network working to conquer new ideas, focus creativity, and monetize experience.”

— Elie Sullivan, CEO, theFITTED

Here’s How It Works

  • You decide what your reinvention challenge is (big or small), and we will gather on Zoom on Monday, January 9 at 7 PM ET for the launch of the Reinvention Challenge.
  • Every day for the next 30 days we’ll check in with you on the CoveyConnect app with inspiration and surprises to help keep you on track.
  • Each Monday and Thursday at 7 PM ET we will gather for a quick (voluntary) 15-minute check-in Zoom call to answer questions and cheer each other forward.
  • On Thursday, February 9 at 7 PM ET, we will gather one last time to celebrate our wins.

Here’s to reaching your dreams with CoveyClub in 2023.

“I left a toxic job as a VP of sales and marketing. You…reminded me to step off the path and look for opportunity elsewhere. At 56, I’ve got wisdom and experience, plus energy and curiosity — so why am I limiting myself? Thank you for your continued inspiration about reinvention. You’re terrific!”

Kate B.

“CoveyClub gives us a place to find like-minded, strong women who are trying to navigate that winding path through reinvention. I’ve already learned so much, but the best part is being able to connect with women who know the struggles we are all going through.”

Tammy Bucher Pennington, Partner/Success Manager, Artist