101 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in Midlife

Reading: 101 Ways to Reinvent Yourself

101 Ways to Reinvent Yourself

by The Covey

Forget New Year’s Resolutions…

At CoveyClub we’re all about New Year’s reinventions! And here’s a secret: you don’t have to jumpstart your new year on January 1st. Reinvention can happen anytime in your life, and sometimes life forces you to reinvent when you aren’t ready. Fortunately, we’re the experts on reinvention and we’ve gathered all our best tips and tricks here for you!


Your Reinvention Refresh: 6 Steps to Launching Anew
with Jane Pollak

Artist and entrepreneur Jane Pollak’s 6-step framework will take you from idea to launch, and uncover what it really takes to be an entrepreneur, how to define your…



4 Telltale Signs That It’s Time to Embrace Reinvention
with Anne Pillsbury

In this class with transition and leadership coach Anne Pillsbury you’ll learn the perspective-shifting tools that will help you increase your clarity and get into action NOW. She’ll help you…



Your Great Resignation: Embracing the Opportunity to Reinvent
with Laura Rotter

Laura Rotter, a financial planner dedicated to helping professionals achieve financial security amidst big life changes, will help you understand what’s driving your need for change, and outline steps to take to make sure…



Rewriting Your Story In The Third Act: How To Become Bolder, Not Older
with Debra Olshan Cooper

In this class with career coach Debra Olshan Cooper you’ll learn how to leverage your life experience and personal brand to make a meaningful impact in your career. You’ll discover how tapping into your authenticity can help you uncover your true potential and bring your best self to every situation. By the end of this class, you’ll be equipped…



Finding Your Flow: How to Get Unstuck and Move Into Action
with LeeAnn Marie Webster

The creator of the No Regrets Formula and host of the Full Self Expression Forum, LeeAnn is no stranger to reinvention. In this class you’ll learn how to self-motivate in any situation and tap into your full potential so you can make empowered decisions for the life YOU want. You’ll create…



The New Midlife Rethink: Getting Clear on What’s Next For You
with Wendy Perrotti and Dana Hilmer

Camp Reinvention founders Dana Hilmer and Wendy Perrotti are here to help! In this class, you’ll gain actionable strategies to overcome overwhelm, clarify your goals, and take immediate action toward a fulfilling life, even if you don’t feel ready. You’ll learn how to filter out fear-based narratives and adopt the willpower-not-required method to stay on track – no matter what. You’ll leave this class with the tools to begin your…



The Secrets That Drive You: Explaining the Four Tendencies Personality Framework
with Gretchen Rubin

This is not just another personality test. Understanding the Four Tendencies Personality Framework will allow you to understand yourself better, and deal more effectively with other people — at work, at home, in life. Gretchen Rubin, author, speaker, and creator of The Four Tendencies Framework, shows us how to use her system.


How I Reinvented Myself By Not Changing a Thing
51 Inspirational Quotes to Reinvent Yourself (Ones That You’ve Never Heard Before)
How I Reinvented Myself By Not Changing a Thing
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Personal Growth
Beginner's Mindset: The #1 Reinvention Success Trick
Full 1
Full 1
How to Figure Out What You Want to Do Next
Full 1
How I Reinvented Myself By Not Changing a Thing
How I Reinvented Myself By Not Changing a Thing
How I Reinvented Myself By Not Changing a Thing
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Going ahead with Your Reinvention — Even in a Bad Economy
Full 2
Full 3
Reinvention in the #MeToo Era
Full 3
Full 3
Ines de la Fressange: Secrets to a Stylish Reinvention
Full 3
Full 3
An American-in-Paris Reinvention
Full 3
Full 3
The Reality TV Reinvention: Chyka Keebaugh
Full 3
Full 3
When Dreams and Age Collide
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The #1 Thing Standing Between You and Your Reinvention
with Sanyin Siang

Join Lesley Jane Seymour in an interview with Sanyin Siang, author of “The Launch Book,” who reveals the simple steps for pole-vaulting over your fears.


The Easiest Reinvention Trick
with Agathe Assouline-Lichten

Agathe Assouline-Lichten and her sister, Arielle, sweetened the dinner-in-a-box craze by making theirs about pre-measured ingredients for delicious cakes and cookies.




Reinventing During the Wait in the Pickup Line
with Claire Cook

Claire Cook was a 45-year-old mom who used her time waiting in the pickup line for her kid’s swim practice to pursue her dream of being a writer. Now she’s a best-selling author with a movie under her belt.


How Do You Finance Your Reinvention?
with Tracy Killoren Chadwell

Lesley Jane Seymour talks with Tracy Killoren Chadwell, Founding Partner of 1843 Capital, about why, when, and how to fund-raise and from whom.




Reinventing to Find Your Place in the World
with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin didn’t become The Happiness Lady by accident. She was clerking for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor when she realized that she was not really interested in the law, but in “power, money and sex.” She went to the library and took out a book on how to sell your book proposal, followed it, and never looked back.


How to Pivot Into Your Next Life?
with Joan Lunden

“It’s been 20 years since I left Good Morning America,” says Joan Lunden. “I have an incredibly robust career in health. This is my new reinvention.” Lunden speaks with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour about her three keys to happiness




Secrets to a Successful Reinvention
with Katie Fogarty

Listen in as journalist-turned-coach Katie Fogarty shares her insights on owning your age, adapting to change, and embracing the magic of reinvention.


Reinventing After 50 to Recover Your Life’s Passion
with Jennifer Lewis McKay

Learn how McKay rediscovered her passion for fine art in her 50s and embraced her identity as an artist. “It’s such a personal thing to create,” McKay advises. “And it’s such a generous thing to offer for the world.”




Reinventing Yourself After the Worst Year of Your Life
with Jane Enright

“I can’t control what happened, but I can control how I react to it.” This was Jane Enright’s guiding thought as she navigated the worst year of her life. When three consecutive tragedies occurred in the span of a year, Enright found herself recovering from physical injury, caregiving for a loved one, and grieving her best friend — all at once.


How to Make Big, Bold Reinvention – Without Regrets
with Diann Wingert

“Reinvention is sexy and glamorous, but it doesn’t have to be a huge transformation,” says business strategist, coach and serial reinventor, Diann Wingert. Wingert, who likes to be challenged by the new and unfamiliar, has reinvented her marriage, her career, and even her religion.




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