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Carolee Put Her Network to Work for Health Research


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She’s so famous that she goes by a single name: Carolee. And you probably knew her jewelry company of the same name because the designs were available in over 700 retail stores nationwide. She sold that business in 2001 and created, an invitation-only network for thought leaders that focuses on wellness, health, and life planning and funds major projects with American research centers in the areas of sleep and heart disease. Carolee Friedlander talks with Lesley about never taking no for an answer (without being “brash”), how being “off center” led to her success, and how her network of high-powered women bolstered her business and now her life.

Carolee’s Top Tips for Reinvention
1. Become a great list maker
Make lists of things you love to talk about, be involved with, and do. Keep refining that list until it leads to something to explore.

2. Ask for help
We as women often have a hard time asking for help, but people want to offer help and wisdom.

3. Test things you’ve never thought of
Move to a new city, take a course in film making, work in a nursery. She also give negotiation tips for getting to “yes” with naysayers.

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