Reading: Come Laugh Your Butt Off With Covey

Come Laugh Your Butt Off With Covey

Sometimes midlife is so ridiculous, you just have to laugh about it

By Lesley Jane Seymour

I recently curled up with 23-year-old daughter Lake to watch Amy Schumer’s The Leather Special. I looove Amy. But ten minutes in, Amy’s descriptions about her sex life were so graphic and gross, that Lake who as laughing heartily, turned to me and said, “you’re not enjoying this, right?” I felt like an old fuddy-duddy when I nodded my head “yes.” I feel like I’ve seen it all, heard it all, and am open to it all, but something here told me that I’d crossed over. Millennials really are different from the Xers and Boomers – and it goes way beyond shaving every pubic hair on their bodies. (Let me advise you: don’t play Cards Against Humanity either unless you’re prepared to look up tons of gross sexual words you’ve never heard before on Google because Millennials at the table are too embarrassed to give you the definitions.)

So when I was introduced to comedy-producer Lisa Cohen and she told me about her Lean Over comedy shows created just for women of a certain age, I had to reach out and offer it to The Covey. I’m not saying this will be a night Phyllis Schlafly would be proud of. But hopefully, you won’t have to look anything up. Here’s Lisa’s story of how all the players met:

The women of Lean Over met the way most New Yorkers meet: Lisa Cohen and Karen Bergreen went to high school together, Lisa and Cynthia Kaplan met at their kids’ elementary school, and then Lisa introduced Karen and Cindy. All three are seasoned entertainers: Lisa is a longtime comedy producer, Karen a stand-up and novelist, and Cindy a humor writer and musician. Over the years they found multiple ways to pool their talents: school fundraisers, charity benefits, and unclassifiable events such as A.J. Jacob’s Global Family Reunion.

They loved working together and one day it occurred to them their particular brand of comedy was missing from clubs and theater in NYC. For the past three years, Lean Over has brought original comedy, music, storytelling, and commentary to a steadily growing audience. It’s comedy by grown-ups, for grown-ups. It’s about their lives, your lives, current events, politics, and occasionally dogs. And, as if that were not enough, each Lean Over show raises money for a worthy cause, a tradition of resistance started (not coincidentally) with the election of Donald Trump. Lean Over offers laughs and a brief respite from our ongoing fight to stay sane.


For tickets: click here. A portion of the sales will go to support Vital Voices.


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