Tips for Losing Holiday Weight: Answers from Our Community

Reading: 15 Tips for Dropping Holiday Pounds

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15 Tips for Dropping Holiday Pounds

Looking for some tips and tricks for losing holiday weight? Our community has you covered!

from the Covey Community

You’ve survived the holidays, navigated the new year, and now you finally have some time to breathe. We all know the holiday season often leaves us with our energy empty and our stomachs full. Whether it’s from the indulgences of holiday desserts or the inevitable weight gain that comes from stress, many of us walk into the new year wishing we could leave both the old — and the added — behind us.

We asked the fabulous ladies of CoveyClub to share their insights on how they ditch the holiday pounds. Here are the best tips for losing that holiday weight!


“Use the Diabetic Plate model for all your meals, and make sure you’re getting at least 20 minutes of cardio per day, every day.”

Anita Williams Weinberg


Leah McLaughlin

“Dinner is a soup or salad. If I’m at a restaurant, I can only order a healthy appetizer.”

Jane Vizzi

“No to low sugar!”

Courtney Kealy

“Fasting, increased moving or exercise.”

Margie Cronin

“Walk walk walk. Don’t drink alcohol. Drink water.”

Tamara Holt

“Just eat a whole food plant-based diet. No oil. Low salt. The pounds will come off. Beans, lentils, tofu, tons of greens, broccoli, arugula, kale, beet greens, hummus, fruit, potatoes, all that. Also walk 20-30 mins at good clip daily. Maybe some yoga or Pilates. It isn’t complicated. Ditch animal fat, and love extraordinary protein and carbs from plants.”

Lisa Newman

“Soup and more soup — the clear kind, not cream based.”

Kathleen Dillon Carroll

“Small realistic goals. Don’t cut out food groups. Everything in moderation. And move; every step counts. I created a Facebook support group STEPS TO GOOD HEALTH with over 20,000 amazing people supporting each other in a very positive atmosphere.”

Peg Weber Bradford

“Morning dance routine to fave song … 10min a day 🤩”

– @_mandanaaz

Get a holistic health coach like @jacqui_garrison

– @jenniferthehappymaverick

“Drink caffeine-free tea (without sugar) after dinner. Make tea your new dessert. Then, add walking a little more everyday…Holy Basil (AKA Tulsi), Rose, Hibiscus, and Lemon Ginger are great evening choices. The goal is to get fragrant teas. I focus on the scent, flavor and the warmth of the cup in my hand.

– @catvalyi

“Don’t focus on it and give yourself grace that a) the holidays are a special time, b) it’s natural to gain a couple winter pounds, and c) you’re more than a number on a scale.”

– @enduranceboss

“Walk everywhere you can!”

– @susanmcp1

Five days of the Fast Mimicking Diet, once a month for three months.

– @edpsychprof

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