A French dermatologist's #1 secret to flawless skin

Reading: A French Dermatologist’s #1 Secret


A French Dermatologist’s #1 Secret

The product her doctor is freaking over

By Tish Jett

Seriously, when one’s dermatologist literally sputters with glee when explaining her surprise and satisfaction upon discovering a new product, who wouldn’t run out the door and look for it?

Back story: In my yearly check-up/how-are-things-going appointment with Valerie Gallais we always spend 10 minutes at her desk discussing beauty and her favorite finds. Without fail, I learn about a new product that becomes a can’t-live-without addition to my treatment repertoire.

I am obsessed with the results I’m seeing with her latest recommendation: Dermaceutic Foamer 15 Exfoliating Cleansing Foam. It is truly exceptional. Already, when I see “foam” on a product I’m all-in. This foam is light and airy, not like whipped cream. “Purifying” is the concept, Dr. Gallais told me.

“You will see a huge difference in the texture and brightness of your complexion with regular use,” she promised.

She said to shake and pump a “noisette” (hazelnut) of foam into the palm of my hand and massage over my face for two minutes. Less if a tingling sensation sets in before the deadline.

Then rinse abundantly with tepid water. Pat dry. Look in the mirror. You will be all glow-y with the slightest flush. Gorgeous. Really.

Foamer 15 has a soft peeling effect as a result of its 15 percent glycolic acid. It exfoliates, but you almost don’t realize it because of the texture; there are no little granules in the formula. The glycolic acid not only helps slough off dead cells but also aids in the production of new cells.

If you do cosmetic procedures, Dr. Gallais recommends using Foamer 15 as a base preparation before lasers, peels, injections, Botox, mesotherapy, etc. In other words, Foamer 15 leaves a beautiful canvas.

Dr. Gallais is one of France’s most respected experts in aesthetic practices. She has a roster of French film stars for clients. I’ve seen two of them slinking into her office; both were makeup free and their skin appeared flawless.

It’s possible to order Foamer 15 on Amazon.com, but if you are planning a trip to France or have a friend who is traveling there it’s best to ask them to buy it for you since for the price of one bottle on Amazon you can buy about four or five while on vacation. I discovered Foamer 15 makes a wonderful gift – a gift that keeps on giving. By that I mean I can keep on giving it over and over to my American girlfriends.

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