Here's to Us: GIving Thanks to the Amazing Women of CoveyClub

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Here’s to Us

Giving Thanks for the amazing women that make up CoveyClub

Covey Editors

What a ride it’s been. We started CoveyClub because we were fed up with women over 40 feeling invisible, that life had dried up and left nothing more for them. We wanted to jump into the next phase of life clear-eyed but excited, and tell the many beautiful stories of how women were doing that. And now, we’re 4280 members strong, a group of smart, feisty, astounding women with a lust for life and a take-no-prisoners attitude. So, because it’s the season of gratitude, we wanted to pause and recognize you: the women we’ve met and brought into the flock, who make us laugh, make us think, and keep us going. Here is just a tiny slice of what our fans, followers, and friends have said to inspire us this year:










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