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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Happy Home Lovers Edition

Wow friends and family with beautiful finds that will be right at home in their favorite spaces

By Bridget Johns

Throughout the pandemic it seemed every other friend was renovating a home, or buying a new one. We suddenly became very bored with that old couch, and a lot of updating was in order. Tales of very long delivery timelines for a new piece of furniture, or even longer construction delays, have become somewhat legendary. But here we are, still standing, mostly past this horrible period of our lives, and happily (we hope) settled into however we changed our homes or lifestyles during the pandemic.

We’ve been reminded how important our homes are. They are not just a place to drop our hats or rest our weary heads. Our homes are a reflection of who we are, the values we hold, and the place where so many memories are made. Because the home is so special, items for the home can make the best holiday gifts.

To&From is a gift discovery website that focuses on connecting the very best emerging brands with consumers who love them. I started this company because I believe we have a hole in our gifting life, and I am so excited to bring you some of our favorite finds for the home.

Top Trending
To&From is built on a deep understanding of what consumers are interested in and how those desires align with our carefully curated assortment of products. This gives access to data that is incredibly helpful as we help the next person find just the right thing. Below are three current top trending home gifts at To&From:

The Poet Letterboard, $46Gifts for the home

Keep the family talking long after you are gone with this fun letterboard, perfect for family notes, inspirational quotes, or reminders to buy milk!

Hearth Seasonal Wreath, $84Gifts for the home

We love this eucalyptus wreath, and so do you! It’s one of our top-performing items, week after week. 

Heritage Decanter, $160Gifts for the Home

The entire Estelle line is gorgeous, and just like we don’t have a favorite child, we don’t have a favorite piece. Unless we do.  

Just for Fun
These gifts are for the neighbor, or a friend, or really anyone you want to acknowledge without breaking the bank. We love these gifts that say “I appreciate you” without any expectation in return. 

Mansour Marrakesh Candle, $44Gifts for the Home

When a candle is not just a candle. These gorgeous vessels light up any room!

Warp on the Go Puzzle, $20Gifts for the Home

Who doesn’t love a puzzle?! This makes the perfect rainy day gift for anyone!

Jill Burrows Keychains, $68

Famous for her slippers, Jill Burrows is taking her commitment to sustainability seriously with these new keychains, fashioned from remnants and fashionable for anyone.

We LOVE a Great Hostess
Why? Because it normally means the cooking is left to someone else, and what a treat that is! Thanking a hostess properly can be the smallest or grandest gesture, but no matter how you show your gratitude, these gifts are sure to surprise and delight.

Spicy Drink Salt Duo, $18

Who doesn’t like to bring a little spice to life? These drink salt toppers are the perfect little thing to bring to a holiday brunch. 

Cookies for the Cool Kids, $24

We love Bite Society’s not-so-serious take on holiday goodies. Perfect for the edgy friend! 

Wine Chiller, $90

When your friends have you over, it’s possible some wine is poured! Keep the cold stuff cold with the Vinglacé wine chiller. 

Their Home is SO Specific
We all have this friend — the one we want to gift graciously, but fear whatever we give won’t be the right style for their beautiful mid-century modern (or contemporary colonial or what have you) home. These gifts are specifically chosen to fit their very specific styles. 

Wave Napkins, $88

The California Chic chica will love a set of 8 of these gorgeous yet practical dinner napkins.

Marble & Glass Cloche, $108

Do you have friends or family obsessed with Farmhouse style? This cheese cloche will fit right in! 

Pour Over Carafe, $85

The clean lines of this pitcher will have your mid-century modern friends giving you the best gift award this year! 

Mixologist Barware Set, $73

Your friends and family will serve up some Southern charm when they make holiday cocktails with this elevated barware set. 

Team Favorites
Finally, our team has a lot of great ideas. We spend a lot of time thinking about what gift is perfect for any given relationship and occasion. Through this work, it’s only natural that we find a few favorites ourselves. Here are some of the home gifts we are giving right now:

Slate Serving Board with Handles, $65

Dial up their appetizer game a notch or two with this gorgeous cheese board. 

Needlepoint Pillow, $98

In the season of holiday get-togethers, everyone knows someone who would love this cheeky pillow.

Happiness Reed Diffuser, $44

We are a happy team, so it only makes sense that this beautifully scented diffuser is on our list of most loved items for this holiday season. 

Small Pompidou Vase, $165

Do you have a loved one who is just a little glam? This vase is the perfect accent for their dressing table.

Verve Culture Blanket, $99

Everyone loves a great blanket, and our team is obsessed with this one.

To discover more great gifts for the home, shop our full collection here. Be sure to leverage our robust filters to fine-tune the home gifts that are perfect for the special people in your life. Happy Shopping!

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