Reading: Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Men’s Edition


Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Men’s Edition

Campbell Loeber

Whether it’s buying for your daughter’s new boyfriend or the brother you’ve known your whole life, men can be the trickiest group to gift. Good news is, Covey’s got you covered with exciting ideas for every type of guy. 

For the guy who enjoys gaming…

Vintage Board Game, Bookshelf Collection, $110

If age is but a number, try a more playful gift. WS Game Company has reimagined favorite vintage board games by packaging them in a fun new way. The linen-wrapped, book-inspired pieces are easy to store on an office bookshelf or to display on a living room game table. Take your pick of classic choices like Monopoly, Clue, and Scrabble, or mix and match a whole set! He’ll be happier than a kid come Christmas morning… with a present fit to be enjoyed by the entire family. 

For the guy in need of some r&r…

Lake Poplin Pajama Set, $138

Time to kick those feet up, grab some cocoa, and sit by the fire! Give the gift of getting cozy with the Poplin Set from Lake Pajamas. Shown here in a striking evergreen, the plush cotton jammies are also available in a neutral navy for a more year-round look. If you’re getting sleepy already, note that Lake Pajamas has the ability to ship the set pre-wrapped (saving Santa the trouble) and has a matching women’s version on offer as well. Sleep tight! 

For the guy who is never on time… 

Egard V1-Class AUTO Watch, $175 

If he’s in the habit of running late, how about a stylish reminder to check the time? Egard’s watches are beautifully crafted at a reasonable price point, making this a convenient and even collectible choice. The V1-Class pictured here remains minimalist in design while still feeling bold and fresh in color and material. It’s versatile — working just as well dressed down with jeans or paired with a power suit. And, the family story behind the brand, founded by father-son duo Peter and Ilan Srulovicz, is oh-so-seasonal. According to the team, the timepieces were inspired by the bond between parent and child, so what better item to introduce as a potential family heirloom? 

For the guy who seeks adventure…

Saddleback Leather Slim Bifold Leather Wallet, $59

Saddleback Leather is another family owned company dedicated to producing quality goods, these with the spirit of adventure. If your guy is forever on the go, a durable wallet is an absolute must. Saddleback Leather’s wallets are  neutral in color — black, dark coffee, chestnut, and tobacco — and can be monogrammed should you so choose. The wallets offer additional security with a 100-year warranty and built in RFID Blocker, so he’ll be protected when out and about. The leather not only looks great, but it is also easy to clean, in case of any unexpected turbulence. 

For the guy who keeps it cool… 

Williams Sonoma Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge, $25

For years he ordered his drinks either shaken or stirred — now enter Corkcicle and its innovative whiskey wedge. The freezer- and dishwasher-safe glass was invented to keep beverages cool without diluting the flavor of top-shelf spirits. One side of the glass forms a slow-to-melt wedge of ice, able to preserve the integrity of the drink while making rounds at the holiday party. As an added benefit, the silicon used is BPA free, making this a safe pick when starting to build a bar set. 

For the guy who is always reading…

The Overstory by Richard Powers, $16

This bestseller from Richard Powers is an intriguing read that will quickly capture fans of fiction and fables. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2019, the work subtly delves into relevant issues of conservation by telling the stories of nine people whose lives come together because of trees. He won’t be able to break away from this story, so buyer beware — once this book is gifted he might be late to arrive at Christmas dinner. 

For the guy who’s earned some self-care…

Bespoke Post Luxury Grooming Kit, $60

Whether he’s the guy who always puts himself last, or he just loves No-Shave November, a grooming kit from Bespoke Post is a sweet way to remind him that he deserves some self-care. The kit is packed with “twelve secret weapons” to help him tackle treating himself, from his head and shoulders down to his hands and toes. The brown leather case contains nail clippers and files, cuticle trimmers, cleaning brushes, and more! These 12 tools of Christmas are simple to pack and organize, making it impossible to forget a New Year’s Resolution toward self-care. 

For the guy who loves to give back…

Edgartown SeaWell Quarter Zip, $158


Long Wharf Supply Co. is redefining the fisherman’s sweater, crafting a nostalgic, nautical look from recycled elements. The brand’s SeaWell collection takes environmental awareness to a new level, offering products created from discarded water bottles and oyster shells. A portion of each sale also goes toward reseeding coastal oyster reefs, bolstering the natural filtration of the surrounding seawater. While the brand’s mission to turn “waste into wool” is admirable, these sweaters would be tough to beat even without the added incentive. Soft yet structured, the pullover is equally at home during a night out on the (Edgar)town or on the couch for a cozy night in. No matter the venue, he’ll be dressed super well, while doing good too. 



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