Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Awesome Pet Gifts

Reading: Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Indulge Your Fur Baby

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Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Indulge Your Fur Baby

A luxe collar, a plush handbag toy, and more awesome pet gifts

By Campbell Shea

It can feel im-pawssible to shop for the one member of the family who never asks for anything! Never fear, Santa Paws himself couldn’t put together a better list of inspired ideas for treating the special pets in your life. These awesome pet gifts won’t disappoint. 

Matching Christmas PJs (starting at $25, by Pajamagram) 

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This gift tops the list as my personal favorite. One look at these PJs, and I absolutely caved and bought a matching set for my mom and our family pup, Lilly, last year. These two could not have looked cuter sporting their coordinating flannels on Christmas Day… I only wish I had grabbed more for the rest of the family! Sizes can accommodate tiny to the largest of dogs and pajama bundles are also available if you are indeed planning on gifting a pair to all of your Christmas companions. For a more personal and detailed touch, monogramming is also an option. 

Handbag Pet Toy ($18.95, by Kate Spade) 

Shopping for a sweet accessory for the fashion-forward furry friend? If your pup loves pink, this purse will keep her tail wagging well into the new year. No, the cute canvas tote doesn’t truly work as a bag, but it carries name-brand recognition for the more label-conscious canine. Pair it with the matching colorblock collar to complete the look before heading out to Christmas parties and other festive fun!

Leather Dog Collar + Cat Collar (start at $90, Capripet)

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Speaking of couture collars… Capripet is a chic brand that should not be missed, offering gift inspiration fit for every designer dog and fashionable feline. Handcrafted in Italy, the line of luxe leashes, charmed collars, and additional accessories feature beautiful crystal details on fine leather of various vibrant shades. (Love this seafoam green!) If you like what you see, get ready to get glam together! The brand dedicates a page to companion pieces — bracelets, bags, sandals, and keyrings — that you can grab to complement your furry friend’s new signature style. And, seriously, how cute are these bracelets? I’d recommend checking them out even if you don’t have a pet at home!

Le Creuset Treat Jar ($47, at Bloomingdales)

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No pet owner’s kitchen can be complete without a little French influence. If your countertop is begging for a pop of color, Le Creuset offers a classic treat jar in four fabulous designs, sure to coordinate with your appliances. (Love the matching dog bowl, too.) Make no bones about it — keeping treats close at hand is a great way to reward the well-behaved pooch amidst Christmas chaos; these little troopers often see their typical routines disrupted by holiday visitors and hectic plans. Season’s eatings can help to ease pets out of their comfort zone when the going gets ruff (ha!).  

Reversible Dog Raincoat ($42, by The Black Dog)

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When the weather outside is frightful, a classic New England brand has the perfect gift solution for dogs and pawrents everywhere. On cold, snowy, or rainy days this reversible dog raincoat will allow your pup to shift between sporting a standard yellow jacket or an adorable navy print. Your daily walks just became all the more stylish, and once you get home you won’t have to worry about warming up or toweling off your furry friend. They will look ever-so-stylish while out, but if this coat is still not enough to keep them from getting chilly, The Black Dog also stocks a wine bottle dog toy to help your doggo take the edge off!

Seagrass Pet Storage Basket ($69, by Pottery Barn)

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Once the festive season is over, it seems the time for spring cleaning always comes around rather quickly. Get ahead of getting organized in the new year with this attractive and handy basket. Made of handwoven natural materials, the basket will blend in with a variety of design schemes. Tired of squeaky toys and leashes littering the floor, and tripping over bundles of yarn? This is a gift that will keep on giving.

ScoopFree Litter Box ($299.95, at PetSmart)

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When it comes to cleaning, sometimes we all wish our pets were a little more self-sufficient. Isn’t that why you became so smitten with your kitten in the first place? Cats are supposed to be the easier animal to clean up after (looking at you, Rover), but traditional litter boxes often beg to differ! Multiple Covey contributors and readers swear by this “life-changing” automatic litter box. Don’t be fooled by the rather boring photo; this smart litter box is way more interesting than it looks and embodies the concept of out of sight, out of mind! With a tray that only needs to be swapped once a month (!!) and top of the line odor protection, this gift is definitely worth the investment. Your pet would agree… treat yourself! 

Pet Mini Blanket (starts at $55, by ChappyWrap) 

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Aiming to keep your kitties and canines cozy all winter long? Look no further than ChappyWrap for the purr-fect blanket to keep your pet cuddled and your couch covered. The soft, washable wraps were created by a mother-daughter duo looking to capture the heirloom quality of their favorite family blanket. The vibrant and multi-patterned products can rest beautifully on any piece of your furniture, and, as stains are easily taken care of, so can your furry friend. The blankets are available in a variety of sizes (mini, midi, original, and family size) to suit your needs. Pick a pair of blankets and snuggle up together this holiday season! 

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