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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Pets Edition

Campbell Loeber

Who has four paws and is always at the tail-end of your holiday shopping list? Never fear, Covey has found gifts so purr-fect, you’ll swear your pet personally requested them. 


Red Dingo Engraved Enamel Tag, $17

New pawrents will be charmed by the adorable and durable enamel tag crafted by Red Dingo. Welcome a new member of the family with this completely customizable tag — the color and center icon can be mixed and matched to suit a particular pet’s personality. No matter where they may stray, dogs and cats will always be easy to spot thanks to this bright token with a nostalgic feel. The varied icon and color options make it easy to create a unique piece for every animal lover on your list, and a lifetime warranty guarantees that your gift will last for years to come. Coordinating collars and leashes are also available. 


MacKenzie-Childs Puppy Placemat, $28

MacKenzie-Childs has long been a popular brand in the home decor space (you might recall their easy-to-spot checkered teakettles or hand-painted butter trays). Now your furry friends can get in on the fun with similar items designed especially for them. Super cute and functional for dogs of all sizes, the pet line’s puppy placemats embrace MacKenzie-Childs’ signature style. The mats emulate the hand-painted furniture and glassware that first put the brand on the map — though they might be slightly easier to scrub. No matter the home’s exact aesthetic, the puppy placemats will be appreciated by anyone with colorful taste! 


Mark and Graham Knit Dog Sweater, $30

Snowy paws can lead to shivers, especially if your pup has already paid a holiday visit to the groomer. This adorable sweater by Mark and Graham is amazing for keeping your pet warm during long winter walks, and excellent at elevating their presence in the family photos. The pampered pooch in your life will be happy to unwrap this knitwear, which comes in every size — Yorkie to Golden Retriever. For the fashion-forward furball, Mark and Graham is very en vogue this holiday season. 


Ned Hill’s Chinoiserie Pet Bowls, $17


Nell Hill’s is another home design outlet dipping their toes into the pet sphere. The Missouri-based business understands that clients often feel as if they must choose between their pets and their decor. With that in mind, the team created these chinoiserie pet bowls to enhance your space as your pets eat! The bowls come in a range of sizes for large and small dogs, and additional colors are ready to best align with your decor. Plus, how cute would the black and white dishes look set against the MacKenzie-Childs puppy placemat? 


Haute Diggity Dog Parody Plush, $15

These toys are just a touch less expensive than the authentic designer pieces… Haute Diggity Dog sells parody plushies in the form of Chewy Vuitton handbags and Sniffany & Co. jewelry boxes. The toys look cute and encourage healthy play (some contain squeakers) for young and old dogs alike. The brand is shoppable on Amazon, where exact breed recommendations are listed. Dalmatians might find that the checkered Chewy Vuitton clashes with spots, but not to worry — the Chewnel shoes are just as chic. 


Smathers & Branson Needlepoint Dog Collar, $85

Keeping with the trend of canine couture, Smathers & Branson offers a more traditional look with their needlepoint dog collars and leashes. The seemingly homespun collars are an inch wide with a large nickel-plated buckle, and come in almost every pattern imaginable — from feminine florals to patriotic prints. The brand ensures that the products have been tested in the great outdoors, so your pooch can be the best-dressed doggy while continuing their day-to-day play. 


Yappy Personalized Story Book, $35

Make your special pet, or a loved one’s furry friend, the star of the show in their very own book! The Yappy adventure book portrays a cartoon version of your animal as they dive to the depths of the ocean, explore a vast tundra, launch into outer space, and more. Families with children will be delighted to find a familiar face amongst the pages at bedtime, though adults get a kick out of the likeness, too! The personalization process is simple: as you check out, just choose characteristics from a quick online form that encompasses purebreds as well as those with more scruffy provenances. Note that the book currently only allows personalization around a dog or cat (you’ll have to sketch in any additional pets)! 


Collapsible Travel Bowl Set, $6.22

Sometimes the simplest items can be the most treasured. When traveling with a pet, snack time and water refills get more complicated. Keep dogs or cats on their standard routine, no matter where they roam, with a set of travel bowls. The collapsible bowls are fine to tote without taking up much room in luggage, and they’ll come in handy anytime a pet hits the road! Available via Chewy, and oh-so-affordable, the multi-colored bowls can become a decorative extra alongside other gifts on the list. 



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