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Hot New Skincare Line: ANDA

The natural, organic collection is a breath of wellness and self-love.

By Anna Moine

Being a consultant in the spa industry has many perks – yes I do have to visit resorts go and test all the new treatments and no, I do not need a personal assistant – which also includes having access to newly-launched skincare lines. Last month, I reached out to Julie, the president of Kerstin Florian skincare, since I knew she was in New York for meetings, and I invited her to an event at Spa Nalai at the Grand Hyatt (a gorgeous urban spa up in the clouds). She brought Kerstin, the founder, and the three of us ended at dinner where the conversation (and wine) flowed. Our discussion centered on mother/daughter relationships. The fact is that Kerstin is the exact same age as my mother and grew up in the same area – outside of Stockholm. That is where the similarities end.

Kerstin lost her only daughter Charlene to cancer two years ago. She carries on her passion project and legacy with the launch of ANDA, a curated natural and organic skincare collection dedicated to vitality of skin and spirit. Anda means “breath” in Swedish, and is intended to embody wellness, natural ingredients, positivity and self-love in the form of self-care rituals.

Encased in soothing pink packaging, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the bottles are made of black glass and exude the most tantalizing yet comforting scents. I have been and remain a balm addict and this Super Nutrient Balm is the bomb! Unctuous and packed with natural ingredients (hence the glass packaging), I love applying it before bed and my husband inevitably comments on the scent, which he loves. Next up was the Vitalessence Serum-Oil, which I slather on gratefully before heading out. As the temps drop precipitously, I am now adding the Coherence Elixir because it makes sense and apparently also “enables it to enhance the performance of other products when used in combination.”

Currently those three products make up the entire line, which I love since it is no fuss. Kerstin will add a few more select products in 2019 and as she says “It’s a vessel for the wellness and self-love that Charlene championed. I’m thrilled and humbled to be able to present ANDA as my tribute to her.”

For the month of December, CoveyClub members will benefit from a 20% discount (use code HOLIDAY2018) during ANDA’s Annual Holiday Sale.

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