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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Perfect presents for every type of mom -- including you

By Campbell Loeber

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, forcing many of us to ponder that age-old question yet again: What could you possibly give the woman who gave you everything? If all your ideas feel a bit stale this year, here are some out of the box ideas to consider for Mother’s Day gifting (and a few you’d happily hint to your family about as well). 

Go For The Glam

Hermès Shiny Lipstick, $78

Mother's Day Gifts 2023

Via Hermès

If your mother’s style is straight off  the runway, the beauty line from Hermès is not to be missed. Their limited edition shiny lipstick brings a designer touch at a more manageable price point. The brand’s famous orange packaging remains a crucial part of the unboxing experience, and just how cute are those stripes once the lipstick is finally revealed? This gift is sure to add some color to any Mother’s Day celebration! 


Bring A Taste of Vacation 

Brennan’s New Orleans Cookbook, $40
Mother's Day Gifts 2023

When buying for a mom who loves to cook, try revisiting the flavors of vacation with a cookbook that is connected to recent family travels. Often hotels and restaurants you have dined at will be happy to recommend a cookbook if one is not directly associated with the resident chef or the venue itself. Or you could be inspired to try somewhere new. This example from Brennan’s in New Orleans might just whet your appetite to travel somewhere special with mom in 2023!


Replace a Special Piece 

Herend China Plate, $180

Mother's Day Gifts 2023

Via Replacements Ltd.

Many moms have had wedding china or heirloom tableware fall victim to their kid’s Christmas dinner. If you are guilty of having dropped a precious plate, this Mother’s Day you could re-complete the set! Even if your mom’s pattern has gone out of production, can help you find the missing piece. This gifting strategy works just as well for any gorgeous glassware that may have been shattered over the years. 


Put It In Writing 

Mariposa Statement Tray, $29 

Mother's Day Gifts 2023

Via Mariposa

Tell your mom exactly how you feel with a personally engraved statement tray by Mariposa. The small tray doesn’t just say it all, it can serve as a catchall for jewelry, keys, and favorite knickknacks. Mariposa has many engravable products that might complement the statement tray, but this elegant piece works well as a stand-alone item. Mom’s monogram, nickname, or even small special messages are all options for a custom engraving that is oh so personal this Mother’s Day.  


Embrace Some School Spirit 

Kyle Cavan Necklace, $85

Mother's Day Gifts 2023

Via Kyle Cavan

For the mom who loves her alma mater, Kyle Cavan offers jewelry aimed at making a statement of school spirit. The brand’s bracelets, necklaces, and earrings feature college and university logos, iconic locations, and classic sayings sure to bring back memories of happy times on campus. Kyle Cavan also does a Greek line, which might be especially meaningful for mothers and daughters who share a sorority. 


Help With Her Hobbies

Wilson Labs Shift Racket, $269

Mother's Day Gifts 2023

Via Tennis Warehouse

How many weekends did your mom spend shuttling you to and from piano lessons and soccer practice? Now is the time to return the favor and support her athletic and extracurricular endeavors. If she loves to play tennis, consider upgrading her to a state of the art racket. If needlepoint is more her speed, grab a canvas you know she’ll love (complete with threads in her favorite colors). You might even learn something new about the hobbies she enjoys, and they could even become activities you two take on together. 


Support a Local Business 

No. 9 Sugar Scrub, $28

Mother's Day Gifts 2023

Via Dune Market

Is there a small business close to your mom’s heart? Consider sourcing her gift from a place she loves and where she will know that your purchase made an impact. Many local businesses can also have a far reach with their online presence. For example, The Dune Market in Beach Haven, New Jersey, has a beautiful digital storefront with the capability of shipping from coast to coast.

Dune’s “Apothecary” section has all types of choices for self-care, like this super sweet Sugar Scrub. When you order from The Dune Market, you can expect the package to arrive with the store’s signature beachy style (and perhaps a bit of East Coast sand can be requested as an add-on). 


Make Time for Tea

Fortnum & Mason Breakfast Hamper, $319 

Mother's Day Gifts 2023

Via Williams-Sonoma


A Mother’s Day tea feels like a classic option for celebrating the day, though this year with a heightened historical significance. Just one weekend after the coronation of a new British monarch, treat your mom like royalty with this basket from Fortnum & Mason. Originally hailing from across the pond, the branded Breakfast Hamper is now also available at Williams-Sonoma. Either take your tea on the go with the portable basket, or brew a pot of the Royal Blend right at home. Lemon curd, biscuits, artisanal honey, and multiple jars of preserves complete the spread no matter where you choose to set the table. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


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