Our Favorite Beach Reads for Summer 2024

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Our Favorite Beach Reads for Summer 2024

6 selections for your summer stack: from a whodunit mystery to an inside look at one of America’s favorite icons

By Robin Kall

As the temperatures soar, so too do the stacks of summer must-reads. These long summer days beg to be spent catching up on all the glorious summer books that just keep coming. Whether you enjoy your novels lazing about at the beach, tucked into your favorite outdoor chair, or while feeling the cool blast of AC on your skin, this collection of best beach reads will keep you turning the pages all summer long.

Like Mother, Like Daughter ($28, by Kimberly McCreight)

The title evokes a sense of tension and that’s just what’s in store with Like Mother, Like Daughter. Relationships are never as they appear, and for Kat and her daughter, Cleo, this is most definitely the case. And as so many of us know firsthand, mothers will do anything to protect their daughters. One night Cleo arrives home for dinner and her mother is missing but her bloody shoe is not, and she knows something has gone terribly wrong. Like Mother, Like Daughter is domestic suspense at its best. It’s on pre-order now; plus, you can grab McCreight’s earlier titles: Friends Like These and A Good Marriage.

Jackie ($30, by Dawn Tripp)

The iconic Jackie Kennedy is a woman we all think we know. But this book tells the story of a deeply private woman with a formidable intellect who forged a legacy from grief and shaped history. At 21, Jackie meets charismatic congressman Jack Kennedy. Despite initially finding him “too American,” their chemistry ignites, deepening into love during their White House years. Then, Dallas: “Three and a half seconds — that’s all it was…” This exquisitely written novel captures the many lives of Jackie, from Miss Bouvier to Jackie O, blending imagination with historical insight. If you missed Tripp’s previous novel, Georgia, scoop that one up as well.

What You Leave Behind ($30, by Wanda Morris)

Award-winning author Wanda Morris delivers a gripping thriller this summer. Deena Wood, reeling from her mother’s passing and losing her job at a law firm, returns to her hometown of Brunswick, Georgia. She hopes for a fresh start but gets entangled in a dangerous conspiracy. After a local landowner’s disappearance, Deena uncovers a scheme dating back to the Civil War and Reconstruction. As she spends her free time investigating, she risks everything to protect her community from sinister forces, finding unexpected allies along the way. Morris’ previous novels Anywhere You Run and All Her Little Secrets are also not to be missed.

The Next Mrs. Parrish ($30, by Liv Constantine)

One of the fun things about The Next Mrs. Parrish is that you needn’t have read The Last Mrs. Parrish to enjoy this latest novel by the sister duo known as Liv Constantine. It does, however, add an extra something special to the story if you did. Amber Patterson Parrish transformed from wallflower to socialite through hard work, despite setbacks like her husband Jackson’s tax scandal. Now, as Jackson is released from prison, her free time and money dwindle. Daphne Parrish, who left Bishops Harbor after their divorce, returns when their daughter runs away. Jackson claims he’s changed, but Daphne remains wary. As a figure from Amber’s past seeks revenge, unlikely alliances form. In this thrilling tale, trust and betrayal blur, leaving everyone fighting for survival. The Wife Stalker and The Senator’s Wife are excellent additions to your TBR.

The Lion Women of Tehran ($29, by Marjan Kamali)

In 1950s Tehran, 7-year-old Ellie lives comfortably until her father’s death forces her and her mother into a small home. Lonely and burdened by her mother, Ellie meets Homa, a young girl who becomes her closest friend. They dream of becoming “lion women” until Ellie’s mother’s opportunity to return to their former life separates them. Years later, Homa’s return alters both their lives amidst Iran’s political turmoil, leading to an earth-shattering betrayal. This poignant tale by a nationally best-selling author explores the lasting impact of childhood friendships. Kamali’s The Stationery Shop is also not to be missed.

The Unwedding ($29, by Ally Condie)

Ellery Wainwright planned to celebrate her 20th anniversary with her husband at the stunning Resort at Broken Point in Big Sur, California. Now, she’s there alone, feeling unsettled. Things get worse when she finds the groom’s body in the pool and a mudslide traps everyone at the resort. With another guest dead, it’s clear something sinister is happening. Everyone at Broken Point has secrets, including Ellery. Her future is as uncertain as ever. This juicy mystery is being compared to Emmy Award–winning The White Lotus, and for good reason. This is the first of Condie’s books I have read and it certainly will not be the last.

Robin Kall is a literary influencer who over the past two decades has built a devoted and passionate following. In addition to her radio talk show, Robin has hosted countless “can’t miss” author events including “Summer With Robin” and “Evening With Authors.” She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and their corgi, Benny. Follow Robin on X @robinkallInstagram, or Facebook. Read more book lists by Robin.

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