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Reinventing Your Body by Finding New F*cks to Give


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“For fad diets you’re relying on discipline, motivation and willpower,” says award-winning fitness expert, trainer and author of Healthy As F*ck, Oonagh Duncan. “But that eats your energy. So you fall of the rails and fall into a f*ck-it spiral. These binge/purge relationships are corrosive to your sense of self.” Oonagh, a former “passionate smoker” and anti-sweat-er, talks to Lesley about how to disrupt your habit loop by identifying your triggers and using your guilty pleasures to create new reward cycles (watching the Jerry Springer show got her onto the treadmill the first time.)  It all begins with throwing out the clothes that don’t fit. “You think they inspire you,” she says, “but they make you feel like sh*t. You’ve gotta love yourself to get to where you want to be.”

Oonagh’s Top Advice for Covey Readers
If you are embarking on a reinvention, my heart goes out to you because I know that there are always challenges and I really empathize with how hard that can be. But I also want to say that I am freaking excited for you because when you’re going through changes like this, even if they’re challenging it is an amazing opportunity to just burn the bridges of all your old habits and start to create new ones. They say one of the best ways to quit smoking is to move to a different city, because all your triggers are gone. So if you’re experiencing a reinvention, a health scare, your kids are leaving, whatever it is, whatever your old paradigm was doesn’t exist anymore. And this is a beautiful opportunity for you to consciously create amazing habits for yourself. And this could be the best time of your life.

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