How To Reinvent During a Pandemic

Reading: How To Reinvent During a Pandemic

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How To Reinvent During a Pandemic


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“Women 50, 60, 70, 80 have already experienced so much uncertainty, have already had so many rugs pulled out from under our feet, that [we]  know how to recreate and reinvent,” says Dr. Dintino, co-founder of Twisting The Plot a website and podcast that employs techniques borrowed from theater and art to help women answer the question of “What’s next?” In fact, Dintino and her co-founder Hannah Murray Starobin—who met each other in college and have been friends for 40 years—believe the coming “reboot, will require innovation…and getting out of the normative curve.” They are encouraging women to take on uniquely creative projects during the pandemic to bust out of the sense of invisibility and discover their true, inner-selves.  “Be an outlier,” they tell Lesley.  “Do something that wasn’t possible before.”

Cecilia’s and Hannah’s Top Tips for Moving Forward

  1. Take stock of the experiences you’ve had.
    If you step back and look at the things you’ve gotten through, in the context of this, it’s a reassurance and an understanding of yourself. We’ve all gotten through things, whether it’s losses or illnesses or other things. It doesn’t mean this isn’t hard, but you’ve survived, and you will survive this.
  2. Work like crazy to imagine your future self.
    There’s research that if you fall in love with your future self, that if you actually have an image of her, of who you can become in five years, ten years, even one year, you’re actually going to take better care of yourself in the present. People who imagine your future self and write about her, the research out of UCLA says that they actually eat better, exercise, save money. They actually take care of themselves. You can just start with journaling to your future self.
  3. Notice your ideas.
    Trust that there’s going to be lots of opportunities of things that we didn’t realize we were gonna need — whether those are management, business ideas, creative ideas, arts ideas. Be an outlier, and get out of the norm curve, and just do something that nobody thought was possible. You have to be willing to fail of course, but we always say, ‘you don’t learn to walk without falling down.’

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