Reading: Romance at Work? Covey Women (and Men) Tell All


Romance at Work? Covey Women (and Men) Tell All

Have you ever fallen for a coworker – or your boss? Hear from community members who've been there

from the Covey Community

Romance can happen where you least expect it – including at work! If you’ve ever been tempted by a workplace flirtation, you’re not alone. We asked our audience for their stories of workplace romances, and the women – and men! – delivered. Read on to hear how some of their love stories ended.



“I married him. It’s 35 years, 3 kids, and 2 grandkids later. No regrets.”

– Kathy B.

“He became a close friend, editor and mentor. Of course I wrote about it.”

Susan Shapiro

“Oh god too many to count — the most significant quashed by a nasty competitive with the boss female executive.”

Kristin Whiting

“I ended up getting “laid off” after my office romance got involved with YET ANOTHER employee behind my back. My work was never affected by our relationship, so I never understood the rationale there — other than our mutual (male) manager deciding to have the back of his (apparently randy) male employee.”

– Anita W.

“I was an editor at one of the 7 sisters, he was a staff photographer. I didn’t want to date him because he wore sneakers to work and I was a studio 54 disco queen. who knew sneakers would become so popular. Married 41 years. 2 kids, 3 g-babies.”

Wendy Korn Heppt

“Tempted. Had an affair. Tried to be discreet. Didn’t succeed. Married him.”

– Janice E.

“I am happily committed with a former colleague. We were great work collaborators, stayed friends and connected long after we left work. Both admitted to attraction when working together but followed the rule of no romance at work.”


“Met my wife at the office. We were both dating other people and a mutual friend told us it was obvious to everyone but us that we should be together (true)! 34 years later, we’re still going strong!”

Jim Newhouse

“Nope. I did have plenty of male interest (I work/worked) in technology, way before there were many women doing what i was doing. I was a single mother for a good part of that, I didn’t have time for anything frivolous. Plus according to more than one co-worker i am fierce & somewhat intimidating.”

Sherry Titanium Eckert

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