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Squeezed out? Fight Back. Here’s How!


The Covey

What do you do when you’re a beautiful, high-flying, financial reporter for the top networks in the country (MSNBC, CBS, CNBC) and suddenly your segments are dropped from the air because all anyone wants to watch is Trump and politics? You fight back by creating a daily newsletter called Non Political News which covers—you guessed it—everything but politics! Gibbons talks with Lesley about how she downsized her apartment to pay for her launch, how she’s gathered an audience of 25,000 and how she’d be the perfect guest at Thanksgiving to sit next to anyone!

Vera’s Top Tips for Reinvention
1. Test the waters
It’s one thing to have an idea, but it’s another to have a viable idea. And then you have to know if you can make money on that idea, and if you want to put the time and energy into working on this 24/7. Figure out if it’s going to resonate with people. I tested my theory on social media and saw I was getting some traction there.

2. Button up your finances
Make sure you’re financially stable, that you can do this and it will work. In my situation I had to sell my apartment, and I took some of the proceeds into bonds so I could have some monthly income to live off of and worry a little less.

3. Say yes to absolutely everything
Every meeting, every conference, every introduction. As an entrepreneur you’re in your own little bubble, your own little world, I’m hiding in my little apartment nine times out of ten. GET OUT! Meet like minded individuals and something always leads to something. I just feel like down the line, it’s gonna all pay off at some point. But you’ve gotta take these meetings.


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