How to Never Lose Your iPhone Again: Wear it with Bandolier

Reading: The Sexy Way To Never Lose Your iPhone Again

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The Sexy Way To Never Lose Your iPhone Again

Wearable technology gets chic and practical

By Robin Bobbé

Last night I woke up in a sweat. No, it wasn’t menopause but a nightmare. I had lost my iPhone.

My iPhone has reinvented the way I live my complicated, fast-paced life in ways that seemed unthinkable just ten years ago. I use it to bank remotely and time my planking, to check my trains and my stock market gains, create lists or photos from an evening tryst.

Losing it is not an option!

I’m neither a trend-aholic nor a techie, but all that changed the day in 2016 when I became enamored with a nifty surprise gifty from my dear friend Nina. It was a chic iPhone crossbody case and strap from Bandolier. My hands are now free, and there is no longer a threat that I might accidentally leave my cell phone in a cab or car.

I fell in love.

Sexy and functional, the Bandolier hugs your body and cradles your iPhone with a sturdy leather case and enough fashionable straps to please the Sybil in all of us. Wake up feeling like a badass? Go for the SARAH black strap with silver punk studs. Feeling a little more demure? Try the classic iris leather EMMA. Prices range from $68-$168 at

Bandolier’s wearable iPhone case. Photo by Leland Bobbè.

Tucked neatly away into the back of the case is a small space for a credit card, subway pass, or a twenty. A video on the Bandolier site suggests this means that I no longer need a handbag. But let’s be real. I’m a grown-up, and my days of traipsing around the city with just a credit card and twenty dollar bill are long behind me. I just tote along my handbag as well.

Bandolier’s “wearable technology” was created from the magic mind of Maggie Drake, the brand’s CEO and founder who grew tired of misplacing her phone. Realizing that this happens to many of us, she created a stylish way to attach your phone to your body. Need space for lipstick or keys? Customers asked and Drake listened, creating the Bandolier Pouch. Just clip it onto your strap. I use it when running to the market. Otherwise, look out for me still lugging my handbag…and my Bandolier, of course.

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