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Top 5 Mascaras for Women Over 40

As you age, less makeup can have more impact — if you use the right products

By Carmindy Bowyer

As we age, our lashes thin over time and the texture of the skin around our eyes changes. Crepiness, hot flashes, oily eyelids, and volume loss can make wearing mascara a real challenge if you don’t know what type to use.

The biggest issues most women face when wearing mascara as they mature include smudging, smearing, flakiness, and sparseness of lashes. Having the right mascara will keep your lashes looking beautiful and lush forever. (Lashes are, after all, one of our best accessories — no matter what our age.)

Even if your eyesight is good I always suggest using a magnifying mirror when applying mascara to ensure precise application. As for colors, if you’re looking for intensity, black is the best hue for all eye colors. Even if it’s the only product you apply in the morning, it will have a real impact.

The following problem-solving mascaras are my top 5 favs for women 40+:

Prevents smudging

If you battle mascara smearing, smudging, or you get those pesky black dots due to heavy lids hitting your mascara, then DHC Perfect Pro Double Protection Mascara is your best bet. This Japanese tube technology formula is water resistant and coats each lash in polymer tubes that seal and won’t budge or smudge all day. It almost acts like a waterproof mascara, but you won’t need heavy makeup remover to get it off — just wash your face with warm water and the tubes release and slip right off.       

Thickens & elongates

Women who are dealing with volume loss can benefit greatly from choosing a formula like Revitalash Volumizing Mascara. This mascara will lengthen and thicken upon application while also stimulating lash health and growth with ingredients like biotin and panthenol.    

Widens the eye

If your hands shake or your eyes are very small, a large mascara wand is not your friend. It’s a smudge disaster. You’re better off using the smallest brush possible to sweep on mascara with ease. Try NYX The Skinny Mascara to perfectly coat each and every lash without getting a mark on the surrounding skin.

Adds fullness

For the glamour gals over 40+ that love going for a full-on false lash look without the flake factor, I suggest trying Dior DiorShow Mascara. This cult classic contains microfibers that reproduce the effect of lash extensions, yet contains conditioners that keep the formula from drying and flaking.


For you active gals who are swimming, sweating, or working outside, a waterproof formula is the way to go. Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof formula is a long-time winner because the smaller brush allows for easy application and the formula truly doesn’t migrate. Just remember to use an oil-based makeup remover and be gentle when taking it off so you don’t break or damage your delicate lashes.



  1. Grace Horton

    I began using Lancôme products last year and finally found the right stuff for my skin. I’m a very youthful 65 yr old, hip but not trendy, haha. My favorite mascara in my entire life is Grandiose waterproof. Easy to apply and fluff out my lashes due to their special shaped wand. Stays on all day and doesn’t aggravate contact lenses. You must use eye makeup remover to take it off. Pricey, but Worth it to me. Thank you for your tips!

  2. Shannon

    I have an upper eye crease that smears and or completely wipes out eyeliner. I need an eyeliner that stays all day. Any product out there that can handle this? Im close to getting permanent eyeliner but would rather bypass that if possible. Thanks for you help. Shan.

  3. Stacey Abrahams

    I have found that Thrive Causemetics mascara works great for me as well. Thanks so much for sharing.

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